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BS EN 1883:2018 pdf free.Feather and down – Sampling in view of tests.
BS EN 1883 This representative laboratory bulk sample is conditioned according to EN ISO 139.The temperatureand relative humidity are also measured according to EN ISO 139.The test specimen for analysis(excluding determination of moisture content) shall be taken from the conditioned laboratory sample.
If only single package (bag, bale or manufactured article) is to be tested, three individual samplesshall be collected using gloves, at three different places in the contents,i.e.the upper, middle, and lowerpart. The quantity of individual samples taken shall be in accordance with Annex A.
In the case of several packages belongingto one lot, the package sample will be selectedat randomfrom different items of the lot and at different places. The number of package samples is governed byAnnex A, as well as the quantity of material to be extracted from each package.
The individual samples together form the laboratory bulk sample.
The selected packages should be intact and in good external condition.
The laboratory bulk sample is placed in a suitable container (5.1) and carefully mixed.
If the laboratory bulk sample is greater than the one necessary to carry out all the requestedanalyses, the mixture (6.2.3) is transferred to the square box (5.2) and equally spread. The content ofthe square box is divided with the cross. The content of two opposite triangles is collected by hand andequally spread again and the procedure is repeated until it remains a quantity of the laboratory bulksample necessary to the determination prescribed.
lf samples are taken from finished products (e.g. bedding, sleeping bags, and apparel products), theseproducts shall be opened along the seams and emptied completely carefully by hand without damagingthe filling material.
lot:all containers of a feather material or of manufactured products of one defined type and qualitydelivered to one customer according to one consignment
container:units of packaging within the consignment(a carton, a case, a bale, etc.) the identification of which isquoted explicitly on the dispatch note.NOTE Containers can or cannot contain packages.3.3
package:elementary unit (which can be unwound) within each container in the consignment.BS EN 1883 pdf download.

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