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BS 5990:1990 pdf free.Specification for Direct gas-fired forcedconvection air heaterswith rated heat inputsup to 2 MW for industrial andcommercial spaceheating: safety andperformance requirements (excluding electricalrequirements) (2nd family gases).
BS 5990 There shall be easy access to components and controls that may require servicingor adjustment. The appliance shall be fitted with access doors orremovable panels to facilitate servicing. In addition, union or flanged connections shall beprovided to permit the removal of the burner assembly from the appliance and disconnection ofthe appliance from the gas supply.
The burner which can be retracted from the appliance, or which is provided with swivel flangesto allow it to be swivelled from the appliance,shallbe provided with a safety device to prevent accidental retraction or swivelling and an interlockwhich will prevent operation of the burner if it is notlocated in its normal firing position.
Appliances shall be so designed that periodicservicing, inspection or parts replacement are notnormally required more than once per year. Anyknown deviation from this requirement shall be thesubject of negotiation between the manufacturerand the testing authority.
NOTE Filters may require changing or cleaning more oftenthan once per year, and this is acceptable.
Panel anchorage.Panels that are normallyremoved for servicing shall be fitted with anchorlines where the appliance is intended to be installedother than at floor level.The fittings of suitable hinges is deemed to satisfythis requirement.
Unions and flanges.Unions in fuel gaswaysshall be of the cone or spherical-seated type. Flangejoints shall include a gasket resistant to the actionof components of the gas and suitable for the temperature to which it is likely to be exposed.Air inlets.Air heaters, other than portable airheaters,shall have flanged or spigot connections onthe air inlet.
Air outlets.The air outlet(s) of a ductlessheater, other than a transportable heater, shall befitted with directional louvres that are capable ofadjustment between horizontal discharge anddischarge at an angle of at least 45° downwardsfrom the horizontal. When the louvres are in theposition of maximum closure, the minimum requirements for functional purposes shall besatisfied.
Ducted air heaters shall have air outlets equippedwith flanges or spigots to facilitate connection ofductwork or flexible connectors.
Facility for remote control.Appliances shallbe capable of being controlled remotely by means ofthermostats and a time control.BS 5990 pdf download.

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