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AS ISO 9934.3:2020 pdf free.Non-destructive testing — Magneticparticle testing.
This part of IS0 9934 describes three types of equipment for magnetic particle testing: portable or transportable equipment; fixed installations;
specialized testing systems for testing components on a continuous basis, comprising a series ofprocessing stations placed in sequence to form a process line.Equipment for magnetizing, demagnetizing,illumination,measurement, and monitoring arealso described.
This part of ISO 9934 specifies the properties to be provided by the equipment supplier, minimumrequirements for application and the method of measuring certain parameters. Where appropriate,measuring and calibration requirements and in-service checks are also specified.
The following documents, in whole or in part, are normatively referenced in this document and areindispensable for its application.For dated references,only the edition cited applies.For undatedreferences, the latest edition of the referenced document (including any amendments) applies.
Hand-held portable electromagnets (yokes) produce a magnetic field between the two poles. Whentesting according to lSO 9934-1, DC1) electromagnets should only be used if agreed at enquiry andorder stages.
Magnetization shall be determined by measuring the tangential field strength, H, at the centre of aline joining the centres of the pole faces of the electromagnet with pole extenders where used. Theelectromagnet with a pole spacing, s, is placed on a steel plate as shown in Figure 1.
Current generators are used to supply current for magnetizingequipment.A current generator is characterized by the open circuit voltage,Uo, the short circuit current, lk and therated current, Ir (RMS-values).
The rated current, I, is defined as the maximum current for which the generator is rated at the dutycycle of 10 % and for a current “ON” time of 5 s if not otherwise specified.The open circuit voltage, Uo, and the short circuit current, l, are derived from the load-characteristicof the generator at maximum power (with any feedback controls disconnected).The load line of thegenerator can be derived by connecting two widely different loads, such as different lengths of cable,in turn to the generator.For the first cable, the current, l, through the cable and voltage, U , across theoutput terminals are measured and plotted, to give point P1 on Figure 2.The process is repeated with asecond load to give point P2.The load line is constructed by drawing a straight line between P and Pp.The open circuit voltage, Uo, and short circuit current, lk, are then given by the intercepts on the axes,as shown in Figure 2.AS ISO 9934.3 pdf download.

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