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AS ISO 10545.2:2020 pdf free.Determination of dimensionsand surface quality.
This document specifies methods for determining the dimensional characteristics (length,width,thickness, straightness of sides,rectangularity, surface flatness) and the surface quality of ceramic tiles.Tiles with areas less than 4 cm2 are excluded from measurements of length,width, straightness ofsides, rectangularity and surface flatness.
NOTESpacer lugs and glaze blobs and other irregularities of the sides are intended to be ignored whenmeasuring length, width, straightness of sides, rectangularity, if these are subsequently hidden in the joints afterfixing (installation).
There are no normative references in this document.For the purposes of this document, the following terms and definitions apply.deviation from straightness of the centre of the side in the plane of the tileNote 1 to entry: See Figure 1.measurement of the departure from squareness of each corner of a tileNote 1 to entry: It is expressed in millimetres.measurements in three positions on the surface of tiles.
Note 1 to entry:Tiles that have relief on the proper surface preventing measurement on that surface shall, wherepossible, be measured on the back.
departure of the centre of a tile from the plane in which three of the four corners lieNote 1 to entry: See Figure 4.
For all tiles, except those with uneven surfaces, draw diagonals between the corners and measure thethickness at the thickest point within each of the four segments. All thickness measurements shouldinclude the dimensions of the ribs/panel mark or back-feet present at the back of the tile.Measure, tothe nearest 0,1 mm, the thickness of each tile under test in four positions.
For tiles with uneven surfaces, draw four lines at right angles across the face at distances of 0,125;0,375;0,625 and 0,875 times the length measured from the end.Measure the thickness at the thickestpoint on each line.
For all the tiles, the average dimension of each individual tile is the average of four measurements.
The test report shall include the following information:a) reference to this document;
b) a description of the tiles;
c) all individual measurements of thickness;d) the average thickness of each tile;
e)the deviation, as a percentage and in millimetres, of the average thickness of each tile from the work size thickness.AS ISO 10545 pdf download.

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