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AS 4276.17.2:2016 pdf free.Water microbiology Method 17.2: Spores of Clostridium perfringens- – Estimation of most probable number (MPN) using the multiple tube dilution technique.
5.1 Culture media (see Appendix B)
5.1.1 Diii ‘reniial reinforced ciastridial mechun, (DRCMJ
DRUM should he distributed in screw-capped bottles instead of tubes, with sutlicient depth of medium to ensure anaerobiosis during incubation.
5.1.2 Trvptose sul/ite cvcloserine (TSC) cigar
5.1.3 Oleandomvcin polvnivxin suiphadiazine perfringcns (OPSP) cigar
5.1.4 Golumbia blood agar or other suitable nutrient-rich agar
5.1.5 columbia blood cigar with neomvcin (0.01%)
5.1.6 Acid phosphatase reagent
5.2 Reference cultures
5.2.1 Positive culture
C. perfringens ATCC 13124, NCTC 8237, WDCM 00007 or a culture traceable to any of these strains.
5.2.2 Negative culture
C. sporogenes ATCC 19404, WDCM 00008 or a culture traceable to any of these strains.
5.2.3 Use of rcfrrencc cultures
The reference cultures are used in media quality control and analytical quality control procedures relevant to this method. The purpose of the reference cultures is to demonstrate and ensure that typical growth characteristics and test reactions are exhibited by the cultures on the media and in the tests used in this method.
When testing a sample of water by this standard method, a culture of the positive reference microorganism (5.2.1) shall be submitted to the test procedures at the same time to demonstrate and ensure that typical growth characteristics and test reactions are exhibited. The negative reference microoganism (5.2.2) is used in addition to the positive reference microorganism for the acid phosphatase test.
If the reference cultures do not give appropriate results, then an investigation shall be undertaken. Test results shall be regarded as invalid unless the investigation reveals reasons that invalidate the quality control procedures. e.g. prepared suspension shown not to contain target bacteria.
ATCC—Amcrican Type Culture Collection
NCTC—National Collection of Type Cultures
WDCM—World Data Centre for Microorganisms
6.1 Screw cap containers
Suitable for the volume of water to be tested.AS 4276.17.2 pdf download.

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