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BS EN 9223-105:2018 pdf free.Programme Management — Configuration Management.
BS EN 9223-105 anomaly:gap between a current situation and an expected one NOTE An anomaly justifies an investigation which might lead to the discovery of a nonconformity or a defect.[SOURCE:EN 9200]
item:the item includes the notions of component,compound,part,ingredient,assembly,functionalelement,product and system,bought or manufactured by a manufacturerlt concerns hardware,software, or a combination of them. Elements of support system are also concerned (test bench,tooling,user documentation, packaging, etc.).Items can be selected as configuration item, or not; theyare documented.
configuration item entity within a configuration that satisfies an end use function
NOTE lt is a set (hardware, software, documents or their combination) that has been selected for configurationmanagement and is managed as a single entity in the configuration management process.A configuration item can be, on its own, specified, identified, built, checked and maintained.[SOURCE: adapted from ISo 10007:2003]
attribute:specific characteristic of a data or information that can be used as a selection or ordering criteria2.8 audit systematic,independent and documented process for obtaining audit evidence and evaluating itobjectively to determine the extent to which the audit criteria are fulfilled
NOTE Although this definition derived from EN ISO 19011, and can be used to define configuration audit,configuration audits shall not be based on the EN IS0 19011 standard, which mainly addresses process audits.[SOURCE:EN ISO 19011]
configuration audit a configuration management process that step-by-step examines products in order to check:
they comply with requirements;
they achieve the performancesand the physical and/or functional characteristics, as required in theprevious formalized Baseline configuration(s); they comply with product design information.
Functional Configuration Audit (FCA): this is a formal examination to verify that a configurationitem has achieved the functional and performance characteristics specified in its product configurationinformation (ISO 10007:2003).Physical Configuration Audit (PCA): this is a formal examinationto verify that a configuration item has achieved the physical characteristics specified in its productconfiguration information (ISO 10007:2003).
dispositioning authority person or a group of persons assigned responsibility and authority to make decisions on theconfiguration.BS EN 9223-105 pdf download.

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