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BS EN 54-11:2001 pdf free.Fire detection and firealarm systems — Manual call points.
BS EN 54-11 lf an additional visual indicator is provided, it shall be positioned within the operating face or within the frontface of the manual call point. The visual indicator shall be red, shall identify the manual call point whichreleased an alarm, until the alarm condition is reset, and shall be visible from a distance of 2 m directly infront of the manual call point in an ambient light intensity up to 500 lx. Where other conditions of the manualcall point may be visually indicated,they shall be clearly distinguishable from the alarm indication, exceptwhen the manual call point is switched into a service mode.
lt shall only be possible to reset the manual call point after operation by means of a special tool as follows:
a)for non-resettable frangible elements, by inserting a new element;
b)for resettable frangible elements, by resetting the frangible element.
In addition, for type B manual call points , it shall only be possible to return the operating element to its normalcondition by means of a special tool.
The manual call point shall be equipped with a facility to carry out routine testing when installed. Theoperation of this test facility shall:
a)simulate the alarm condition by activating the operating element without breaking the frangible element; and
b)allow the manual call point to be reset without breaking the frangible element.The operation of the test facility shall only be possible using a special tool.
When operating the frangible element, injury to the operator shall not occur.
For type B manual call points the actuation force of the operating element shall meet the requirements ofEN 894-3:2000.
Corners and edges of the manual call points shall be rounded to reduce the possibility of injury, but the radiusof curvature shall not exceed 0,05 a (see Table 1).BS EN 54-11 pdf download.

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