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BS EN 15587:2018 pdf free.Cereal and cereal products – Determination ofBesatz in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.), durumwheat (Triticum durum Desf.), rye (Secalecereale L.),triticale (Triticosecale Wittmackspp) and feed barley (Hordeum vulgare
BS EN 15587 Other matter retained by the 3,55 mm sieve,(5.3) and that passed through the 1,0 mm sieve (5.3), withstones, mud balls, straws,chaff and similar impurities from the overtails of the 1,0 mm slotted sieve(5.3).are weighted together to the nearest 0,01 g and are regarded as extraneous matter (3.5.3).
lmpurities of animal origin should be counted, including those which passed through the sieve of 1,0 mmslotwidth (5.3).If necessary, a magnifying glass (5.5) should be used.
The count should be quoted separately in numbers per kg of common wheat, durum wheat, rye, triticaleor feed barley as appropriate.The remaining fraction retained by the 1,0 mm slotted sieve, added with other cereals, untreshed grainsand particularly large grains of the basic cereal retained by the 3,55 mm slotted sieve previously isolated,is divided with the sample divider (5.1) to obtain a sub sample (c) between 50 g and 100 g.Weigh it tothe nearest 0,1 g.
This partial sample is spread out on a table and fractions defined in Clause 3 are extracted by means offorceps or a horn spatula (5.6).In case multiple kinds of damages are observed, the damaged grain shall be added to the fraction withthe highest importance for the overall quality (according to Annex B).
In rye samples with respect of natural variability of the colour of rye grains,grains with discoloured germ(3.3.4) are not picked out.
lf the partial sample contains unthreshed grains of the basic cereals, remove the grains from the glumesby hand and add them to the fraction husks (3.5.4).
This sub sample without all the impurities is sieved for 30 s on a sieve (5.3) with an aperture of 2,0 mmfor common wheat, 1,9 mm for durum wheat and triticale, 1,8 mm for rye, 2,2 mm for feed barley. Allelements passing through are considered as shrivelled grains.Weigh the Besatz-free overtails of the 1,0 mm sieve (d) and all the groups of Besatz to the nearest 0,01g.lf, for a partial sample, the sum (s) of broken grains (3.2), shrivelled grains(3.3.1), other cereals (3.3.2),grains damaged by pests(3.3.3), grains in which the germ is discoloured(3.3.4),grains overheated duringdrying (3.3.5), sprouted grains(3.4), extraneous seeds (3.5.1), unsound grains [3.5.2), husks(3.5.4),bunted grains (3.5.6) and the weight of the Besatz-free overtails of the 1,0 mm sieve (d) differs by morethan 0,5 % from the sub sample weight (c), the determination is not valid and a new partial sample shallbe analysed.BS EN 15587  pdf download.

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