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BS 402-1:1990 pdf free.Clay roofing tilesand fittings Specification for plain tilesand fittings.
BS 402-1 Sampling from a consignment formed ofbanded or wrapped packs At least five packs shall be selected from differentparts of the consignment, and an equal number ofnot more than eight tiles shall be sampled from
different parts of each of the packs in order to givethe required number of samples,without any consideration being given to the condition orquality of the selected tiles.
Dividing the sample.When the sample is to provide tiles for more thanone test, the total number shall be collected
together aarts of the total sample to successive sub-sample.
NOTE. Where samples are taken for independent tests thenthese should have been completed and the results of the testshould have shown compliance with the standard before thetiles are fixed.
NOTE. Fittings should be at least as durable as plain tiles.Theresistance to frost damage of fittings may be demonstrated byuse of apparatus similar to that referred to in appendix D. Insuch cases it is essential that the model roof is wetted such thatthe normally exposed surfaces of the fittings are evenly wettedby the spray system and that free drainage is not inhibited.5.1 Universal eaves tiles and top course tilesEaves tiles and top course tiles shall be 165 ± 3 mmwide and 215 ± 3 mm long.They shall have twonail holes and shall haveshall have either not lessthan two nibs or one continuous nib (see figure 2).
Hog back ridge tiles shall measure not less than295 mm measured along the line XYZ (see
The four patterns of vertical angle tiles shall be asillustrated in figures 12 to 15. When these tiles aremade ‘right handed’and ‘left handed’, that angletile which when fixed provides the larger area onthe right side when viewed in elevation shall beknown as ‘right handed’ and that which whenfixed provides the larger area on the left shall beknown as ‘left handed’. Alternatively, symmetricaltiles shall be designated ‘large’ or ‘small’(see table 5).BS 402-1 pdf download.

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