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BS 2915:1990 pdf free.Specification for Bursting discs andbursting disc devices.
BS 2915 Conventional domed bursting discs shall be designed so that they burst or vent in tension whenthe bursting pressure is applied to the concave sideof the bursting disc.These include the following types:
a) plain simple domed or pre-scored simpledomed (see Figure 1 and Figure 2);
b) slotted lined (see Figure 4).3.3 Reverse domed bursting discs
Reverse domed bursting discs shall be designed tofail by buckling, bending or shearing when the bursting pressure is applied to the convex side of thebursting disc (see Figure 3).These include the following types.
a) Reverse domed bursting discs with knife blades.This type of bursting disc opens by beingcut by knife blades during reversal of the dome.b) Reverse domed bursting discs having lines ofweakness (without knife blades).This type ofbursting disc opens by having lines of weaknesssuch that, when the dome reverses at the bursting pressure, the bursting disc opens alongthe lines of weakness.
c) Reverse domed bursting discs having slip ortear-away design (without knife blades).Thistype of bursting disc vents by being expelleddownstream from the holder.
NOTE A catching device may be provided.
d) Reverse domed bursting discs that fail byshearing during reversal.
The material(s) of construction of the holder shall becompatible with the process fluid, adjoining components and the environment in which it is to beused.
The holder shall be designed so as to ensurethe accurate location and the correct functioning ofthe bursting disc assembly and shall not be modifiedwithout the approval of the manufacturer.Holders include the following types.
a)Capsulelinsert holder (see Figure 9).
Capsulelinsert holders shall be of the correctdimensions to fit within the ring of bolts of theappropriate standard flange.
b) Full diameter holder (see Figure 10). Fulldiameter holders shall have an outside diameterequal to the outside diameter of the mating flanges and shall have holes to suit the flangebolting.
c) Union holder (see Figure 11). Union holdersshall consist of an inlet and outlet memberconnected by a union nut.
d) Pluglscrew holder (see Figure 12).Pluglscrewholders shall consist of an inlet and outlet member screwed together.
The design of a holder shall be such that, forpractical purposes, the bursting disc assembly iseffectively sealed when correctly installed.BS 2915 pdf download.

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