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BS 0:2016 pdf free.A standard for standards -Principles of standardization.
BS 0 BSl has a role as the UK National Standards Body(NSB).This is established underits Royal Charter and codified in the Memorandum of Understanding betweenthe United Kingdom Government and the British Standards Institution(theMoU).The role includes co-ordinating and facilitating the development ofstandards of UK origin, as well as being the UK focus for participation in
European and international standardization.This is through the InternationalOrganization for Standardization (ISo) and the International ElectrotechnicalCommission (IEC), together with regional (i.e. European) standards produced bythe European Committee for Standardization (CEN) and the European
Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC).
BSl is also responsible for co-ordinating and facilitating the development ofother types of standardization document,notably Technical Specifications (TSs)and Technical Reports (TRs).These do not share all the same defining
characteristics, and they are therefore not to be regarded as British Standards(see 9.4.2).
NOTE BSl is appointed as the National Standards Organization (NSO) for ETSIactivities in the UK.Specific details of BSl involvement in this work can be found inthe Memorandum of Understanding between ETSl and the NSOs (see
http:llportal.etsi.orglnsolrevised_novo2.asp 3)).
BSI’s NSB role also entails responsibility for publishing and promoting thestandards that it develops. lt maintains an infrastructure such that:
a) each of its standards is routinely reviewed; and
b) concerns about the content of a standard can be investigated and acted upon.
Standardization projects impose considerable demands on the resources of allthose involved in them. Ilt is BSI’s responsibility to apply its resources taking intoaccount the benefits that are likely to accrue from each project in the context ofits overall work programme.
lt is also necessary to be conscious of the resources of others involved in thework, particularly in terms of travel and attendance at meetings.
Face-to-face meetings of committees should be convened only for thosepurposes that are difficult to achieve by other means,e.g. web conference,teleconference, correspondence.
Responsibility for selecting and applying a standard lies with its user. In general,BSl is not able to assist in this (nor take any responsibility for it) other than totry to provide an indication of the scope and content of a standard.In somecircumstances, BSI might develop formally published guidance documents on theapplication of a particular standard or set of standards.
Standards are drafted in the expectation that those who use them will be
appropriately experienced, qualified and equipped to do so, that they will applythem conscientiously and, where necessary, take sound advice by others qualified to provide it.
Responsibility for interpreting a standard rests with its user,informed wherenecessary by appropriate expert advice. Ultimately, the only body with thepower to give a definitive interpretation is a court of law.BS 0 pdf download.

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