AS/NZS IEC 63103:2021 pdf free

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AS/NZS IEC 63103:2021 pdf free.Lighting equipment一Non-active mode power measurement.
4 General test conditions
4.1 General
Unless otherwise specified in relevant product standards or instructions for use. measurements on the equipment under test (EUT) shall be made under the test conditions and with measuring instruments specified in 4.2 to 4.5.
4.2 Laboratory and environmental conditions
The test shall be carried out at a room temperature of (25 ± 5) °C.
4.3 Supply voltage
4.3.1 Supply voltage and frequency
Tests shall be carried out at the rated voltage and at the rated frequency.
In the case where a rated voltage range is specified, tests shall be carried out at the minimum and maximum value of that specified voltage range.
In case of alternative rated voltages, tests shall be performed separately for each rated voltage.
In case of alternative rated AC frequencies or a rated frequency range, tests shall be performed at the minimum and maximum frequency.
The supply voltage and the frequency shall be maintained constant within ±1 % during the test.
4.3.2 Supply voltage waveform
In case of AC supply voltage, the total harmonic distortion (THD), up to and including the 13th harmonic, of the supply voltage when supplying the EUT in the specified mode, shall not exceed 3 %. THO is the ratio of the RMS value of the sum of the harmonic components (in this context, harmonic current components !, of orders 2 to at least 13) to the RMS value of the fundamental component, expressed as a percentage. The power supply shall not produce inter-harmonics when operating in the power range of interest. In addition to the above, the ratio of peak value to RMS value of the AC test voltage (i.e. crest factor) when supplying the EUT shall be between 1,34 and 1,49.
In case of DC supply voltage, the ripple factor of the supply voltage shall be lower than 0,5 %.
4.4 Power measurement accuracy and uncertainty
For measurement accuracy, uncertainty and traceability see ISO/IEC Guide 98-3 and IEC Guide 115.AS/NZS IEC 63103 pdf download.

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