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AS/NZS 60335.2.52:2018 pdf free.HOUSEHOLD AND SIMILAR ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES- SAFETY – Part 2-52: Particular requirements for oral hygiene appliances.
15 Moisture resistance
This clause of Part 1 is applicable.
16 Leakage current and electric strength
This clause of Part 1 is applicable.
17 Overload protection of transformers and associated circuits This clause of Part 1 is applicable.
18 Endurance
This clause of Part 1 is not applicable.
19 Abnormal operation
This clause of Part 1 is applicable except as follows.
19.1 Addition:
Class II oral irrigators are also subjected to the test of 19. 101.
19.2 Addition:
The test is carried out without water in the reservoir.
19.101 The hose is punctured within the enclosure of the appliance at the most unfavourable location. Rubber hoses are punctured by means of a 0,8 mm diameter needle. Thermoplastic hoses are punctured by means of a 0,5 mm diameter heated needle, care being taken not to enlarge the hole.
NOTE When reassembling the appliance. sealants such as silicone rubber may be used to insure that the joints are watertight.
The appliance is operated as specified in Clause 11, but with water containing 1 % NaCI. During the last cycle of operation, the water pressure in the hose is increased to the maximum obtainable by blocking the water outlet. The pressure is then reduced to its normal value.
A vessel of insulating material is filled with the saline solution and the hand-held part of the appliance is immersed to a depth of approximately 100 mm, The appliance is operated without restricting the water flow until 30 s after the reservoir has emptied. During the test, the leakage current is measured, as specified in 13.2. It is measured between any pole of the supply and a rectangular stainless steel electrode, having dimensions approximately 250 mm x 50 mm. placed in the solution.
The leakage current shall not exceed 0,5 mA.
20 Stability and mechanical hazards
This clause of Part 1 is applicable.
21 Mechanical strength
This clause of Part 1 is applicable.
22 Construction
This clause of Part 1 is applicable except as follows.
22.36 Addition:
Hand-held parts shall be class III construction having a working voltage not exceeding
24 V.
22.101 Class Il appliances shall be constructed so that parts intended to be fixed can be fixed securely, unless they are classified at least IPX7.
Compliance is checked by inspection.
NOTE Keyhole slots, hooks and similar means, without further means to prevent the appliance being inadvertently lifted off the support, are not considered to be adequate means for fixing the appliance securely.
23 Internal wiring
This clause of Part 1 is applicable.AS/NZS 60335.2.52 pdf download.

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