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AS NZS 2632.2:2020 pdf download.Codes for the representation of names of countries and their subdivisions Part 2: Country subdivision code.
4 Principles for inclusion in the list of country subdivision names
4.1 List purpose
The list of country subdivision names in part 2 of the Iso 3166 database includes those required to satisfy the broadest possible range of applications.
4.2 Sources
The country subdivision names included in part 2 of the ISO 3166 database shall be those that properly reflect the subdivisions of the countries included in ISO 3166-1 of the ISO 3166 database. Names reflect the complete currently known subdivision of the countries, without overlaps, as notified by the national authorities concerned or otherwise obtained from sources to which reference is given (see Annex A).
4.3 One-to-one correspondence
A one-to-one correspondence with country names in part 1 of the ISO 3166 database is maintained. Each alpha-2 code element assigned to a country name in part I of the ISO 3166 database is also shown in part 2 of the ISO 3166 database.
4.4 Categories of subdivisions
Where different terms are used to categorize country subdivisions, they are included. Country subdivision names are listed within their category. The terms used to describe such categories are those used by the countries concerned, with their approximate equivalents in English and in French, if required and available. In some cases, a subdivision term is consistently included as its omission would change the grammatical form of the subdivision name.
EXAMPLE LT-VL Vilniaus Apskritis
Omitting Apskritis (meaning county in Lithuanian) would result in changing the subdivision name to Vilnius (the city name).
4.5 Relationship between categories of subdivisions
In part 2 of the ISO 3166 database, whenever several levels occur, the existing relationship between them is documented.
4.6 Choice of language, romanization, character set
A country’s administrative language is a written language used by the administration of the country at the national level.
The country name and the subdivision name of the country are given in the administrative language(s) of the country concerned as expressed in the Latin alphabet and with the provisions as to character set as stated below.
EXAMPLE DE-BY Bayern (not: Bavaria)
Where the country subdivision names are submitted in non-Roman alphabets, they are shown in part
2 of the ISO 3166 database in romanized form, to the extent possible in accordance with the relevant
International Standards, especially those which are recommended by the United Nations Expert Group
on Geographical names (UNGEGN), or otherwise with indication of the source.
For the country subdivision names listed in part 2 of the ISO 3166 database, the 26-character alphabet in Latin script is used, in relevant cases using diacritic signs as contained in the character inventory of
ISO/IEC 10646.
4.7 Special provisions: alternative names
In exceptional cases, variants of the same country subdivision name exist. However, in the case of several administrative languages, the alphanumeric order of the code elements is considered. The sources of the variants are generally indicated.
In cases where country subdivision names exist in more than one administrative language, these may be shown with the same code element. The language used is indicated by the relevant ISO 639 code element, if it exists.
5 Principles for assigning (country subdivision) code elements
5.1 Code element formation
Code element shall consist only of the following characters (cf. ISO/IEC 10646):
— DIGIT ZERO through DIGIT 9
Code elements alpha-2 and alpha-3 are formed with LETTERS, num-3 is formed with DIGITS.
Code elements alpha-4 are formed with LETTERS.
Code elements for subdivisions are formed with up to 6 characters: alpha-2, HYPHEN-MINUS, and I up to 3 LETTERS or DIGITS.AS NZS 2632.2 pdf download.

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