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AS/NZS 2293.1:2018 pdf free.Emergency lighting and exit signs for buildings Part 1: System design, installation and operation.
1.5.18 Final subcircuit
The wiring from the subcircuit protective device to the luminaires exccpt that, in central systems. wiring originating from the distribution board to the fused terminal box and wiring between the fused terminal box and the emergency luminaire or exit sign is deemed to be part of the one final subcircuit.
1 See AS/NZS 3000 for a more detailed definition.
2 See Clause 7.4.2(b) and Appendix II for details of (he fused terminal box and its installation.
1.5.19 Float charge
A system of charging adopted to maintain a battery in a fully charged state.
l.5.20 High risk task area lighting
That part of emergency lighting that provides illumination for the safety olpeople involved in potentially dangerous process or situation and to enable proper shutdown procedures for the operator and other occupants of the premises.
1.5.21 llluminance
The luminous flux arriving at a surface divided by the area of the illuminated surface.
Unit: lux (lx). Symbol: E.
1.5.22 Illumination
A general expression for the quantity of light arriving at a surface. The physical measure of illumination is illuminance.
1.5.23 Indirect lighting
A system in which mos of the light is provided by reflection from ceilings, walls or other surfaces.
1.5.24 Integral self-contained emergency luminaire or exit sign
An emergency luminaire or exit sign containing within it, a battery, battery charger, control gear (where used), and the controls necessary for sensing failure of the normal supply and for changing over to the emergency supply and vice versa.
1.5.25 Light loss factor (LLF)
The ratio of the illuminance produced by a lighting system at a specified time to the illuminance produced by the same system when new.
NOTE: The L1..F combines the losses caused by lamp lumen depreciation, luminaire depreciation and room surface depreciation. Further information is available in ASNZS 16X0.l.
1.5.26 Light source(s)
Lamps, provided with a lamp cap. or modules (LED) or other luminous element. hoLised in the same enclosure or on the same structure, made in order to produce an optical visible radiation to he used or incorporated into a luminaire.
1.5.27 Luminaire
Apparatus which distributes, filters or transforms the light transmitted from one or more light source(s) and which includes, except the light source(s) themselves, all the parts necessary for fixing and protecting the light source(s) and, where necessary. circuit auxiliaries together with the means for connecting them to the electric supply.AS/NZS 2293.1 pdf download.

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