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AS ISO 9934.2:2020 pdf free.Non-destructive testing – Magnetic particle testing Part 2: Detection media.
7.6 Fluorescence of carrier liquid
The fluorescence of the carrier liquid shall be checked by visually comparing with quinine sulfate solution when irradiated with UV-A of at least 10 W/m2.
The concentration of the quinine sulfate solution shall be 7 x 109 M in 0,1 N H2S04. The carrier liquid under test shall exhibit no more fluorescence than the quinine sulfate solution.
7.7 Flash point
For magnetic inks, other than water-based, the flash point (open cup method) of the carrier fluid shall be reported.
7.8 Corrosion induced by detection media
7.8.1 Corrosion testing on steel
The corrosive effect on steel shall be tested and reported according to Annex C.
7.8.2 Corrosion testing of copper
The corrosive effect on copper shall be tested. Iso 2160 can be used for petroleum-based products.
7.9 Viscosity of the carrier liquid
The viscosity shall be tested according to ISO 3104.
The dynamic viscosity shall not be higher than 5 mPas at 20 UC ± 2 °C.
7.10 Mechanical stability
7.10.1 Long term test (endurance test)
The manufacturer shall show that the detection media is unaffected by use in a typical magnetic particle testing bench over a period of 120 h.
This can be proven in a magnetic particle testing bench or by using an arrangement to simulate this; a recommended arrangement is as follows.
A 40 1 sample of the detection media, contained in a corrosion resistant reservoir fitted with a centrifugal pump is recirculated and the flow interrupted by a valve.
Technical data:
Type of the sump pump EN 12157 T 160-270-1
Diameter of the return flow nominally 25 mm or 1’ bore
Cycle time
—valveopened 5s
— valve closed 5 s
The detection media is checked with a reference block (see 7.1.1) before use and after 120 h. Any discernible change in the quality of indications is cause for rejection.
7.10.2 Short-term test Equipment
A stirring arrangement similar to Figure 2 shall be used.
1) Speed of stirring blade: 3 000 +0/-300 r/min.
2) Stirring cup: Capacity 2 1.
3) Reference blocks type 1 and type 2 as detailed in Annex B.
4) UV-A source to give irradiance of 10 W/m2, to the requirement of ISO 3059. Procedure
Stir a sample for 2 h. Compare the indications on reference block Type 1 and Type 2 as is defined in Annex B, produced by the stirred probe and the reference probe. Requirements
Any discernible change in the quality of indications shall be cause for rejection.AS ISO 9934.2 pdf download.

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