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AS 5620:2015 pdf free.Workforce planning.
Workforce planning identifies workforce needs and in doing so makes explicit the human requirements of an organization. It enables management to anticipate and respond to identified needs to strengthen organizational performance outcomes.
Strategic workforce planning [see Clause 2.2(a)] is relevant because we live and work in a global knowledge economy that is highly connected and interrelated. Furthermore, the environment within which it operates is uncertain and constantly changing. To operate effectively in this environment, organizational leaders are required to plan and predict for future growth. This requires flexibility, adaptability and resilience.
Organizations can be perceived as a collection of capabilities. The value of strategic workforce planning is that it enables organizational growth and success by connecting human resources (HR) strategy and practices to business strategy.
Workforce planning is an active and continuous process in the business planning cycle. It is the responsibility of the senior management of the organization and should be aligned and consistent with its organizational strategies and governance. It includes a review mechanism, risk management and compliance with laws and regulations.
Workforce planning comprises three separate but interrelated elements requiring different knowledge and skill Sets as follows:
(a) Sfraregic work/orce planning This usually covers a defined period of time aligned to organizational strategy.
NOTE: The scope of planning can include identifying the workforce assessments and hcnchrnarking, hR policy frameworks and associated processes on current and future organizational stratcgic objectives.
(b) Operational workforce planning This usually covers a defined period of time, aligned with the organization’s planning cycle and which focuses on gathering, analysing and reporting on workforce planning strategy.
(c) Workforce management planning This deals with immediate and specific workforce issues (such as restructure, conclusion of a significant project or a recruitment campaign for specific skills) and identifies actionable strategies for managing the workforce issues.
2.3.1 General
Workforce planning and workforce development are commonly linked and these terms are sometimes used interchangeably. They are both fundamental to the execution of business strategy. They are, however, not the same thing. Workforce planning is the driver of workiorce development. Workforce development can be an outcome of workforce planning. Workforce development refers to the range of activities undertaken to address gaps and risks identified through workforce planning. Workforce planning and workforce development go ‘hand in hand’ as there is little point in planning without then executing, just as it can he a risk to execute without first having planned.AS 5620 pdf download.

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