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AS 4419:2018 pdf free.Australian Standard Soils for landscaping and garden use.
For the purpose of this Standard, the definitions below apply.
4.1 Acid soils
Soils that have a pH of not less than 4.5 and not greater than 6.0.
4.2 Alkaline soils
Soils that have a pH of not less than 7.6 and not greater than 9.0.
4.3 Landscaping soils
Soils suitable for landscape and garden applications (on grade).
NOTE: ‘On grade’ refers to soils placed on and in connection with the earth, in a landscape zone such that the growing medium is in direct contact with the natural earth, top soil or subsoil.
4.4 Layers
Soil layers that change in texture, structure and colour with depth and change in soil chemistry conditions, categorized as follows:
(a) Surface layer.
(b) Sub-surface layer.
C4.4 Common industry practice is to use terms ‘A ‘ Horizon and ‘B ‘ Horizon fir these layers. hut the term ‘Horizon ‘ has a specifIc technical meaning when applied to natural. undisturbed soil pro/lies and is not used in this Standard in order to avoid contusion.
4.5 Low density soils
Soil for use on an artificial base (i.e. on a slab), for example, for a rooftop garden or in large landscape containers. Such soils will usually be blends of mineral and organic components, and will typically have a bulk density in the range 0.3 kg/L to 1.0 kg/L as determined in accordance with Appendix B.
4.6 Natural soil
4.6.1 General
A soil that has been excavated from the ground. Natural soil may be recovered site soil (RSS), excavated natural material (ENM) or virgin excavated natural material (VENM) as defined in Clauses 4.6.2 to 4.6.4.
NOTE: Natural soil could include topsoil and subsoil or quarried soil-like materials. Typically it will have a bulk density of greater than 1.0 kg/L as determined in accordance with Appendix B.
4.6.2 Excavated natural material (ENM
Excavated natural material means naturally occurring rock and soil (including, but not
limited to, materials such as sandstone, shale, clay and soil) that has:
(a) been excavated from the ground; and
(b) contains at least 98% (by weight) natural material; and
(c) does not meet the definition of Virgin Excavated Natural Material in the Act.
Excavated natural material does not include material located in a hotspot; that has been processed; or that contains asbestos, Acid Sulfate Soils (ASS), Potential Acid Sulfate soils (PASS) or sulfidic ores.AS 4419 pdf download.

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