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AS 1603.13:2018 pdf free download.Automatic fire detection and alarm systems Part 13: Duct sampling smoke detectors.
3.2 Electrical requirements
3.2.1 Electrical safety
Where the maximum working voltage exceeds extra-low voltage (ELy). the DSE shall conform with the appropriate requirements of AS/NZS 3100.
3.3 Connecting facilities
The means of connection shall not permit disconnection of the DSE or its associated detector without initiating a fault or alarm signal at the control and indicating equipment (CIE). Where this requirement can be achieved without providing separate terminations for each incoming and outgoing conductor, such alternative means of connection shall be considered satisfactory. This requirement includes any arrangement by which the DSE can be detached from its terminating facility.
The terminations shall be designed so conductors connected thereto can be rigidly and effectively clamped between metal surfaces, or soldered, to ensure the connection made will not slacken or overheat under normal conditions of use.
For polarity sensitive DSEs, reverse connection shall initiate a fault or alarm signal but not damage the DSE.
Any termination shall be of such size as will appropriately accommodate the number and size of conductors required for the connection of the DSE.
NOTE The following are typical methods of connection:
(a) A terminal screw for each conductor.
(b) Single screw and clamp with saddle providing at least two routes for each conductor.
(c) Conductors soldered individually and separate on the termination.
3.4 Indicating facilities
Visual alarm indicators shall be red. No other indicator shall be red except that the visual alarm indicator may blink to indicate that the device is operational. A required visual alarm indicator shall conform with the requirements of AS 7240.7.
Where a remote indicating facility is provided, the failure of the remote indicator, a short circuit or an open circuit shall not prejudice the alarm operation of the smoke detector.
3.5 Enclosures
The DSE enclosure shall be designed so that normal handling during installation and service cannot
cause damage which would adversely affect its performance.
3.6 Mounting facilities
The DSE shall be provided with means for secure mounting to an air duct and include means of sealing to prevent air leakage.
NOTE Requirements of Clause 3.6 are met by the listing to one of the referenced Standards.
Section 4 Product marking and information
4.1 Marking
DSEs shall be legibly and indelibly marked with the following:
(a) number and date of this document (i.e. AS 1603.13:2018);
(b) name or trademark of the manufacturer or supplier;
(c) model designation (type or number);
(d) wiring-terminal designations;
(e) some mark(s) or code(s) (e.g. serial number or batch code), by which the manufacturer can identify at least the date or batch and place of manufacture, and the version number(s) of any software contained within the DSE.
Section 5 Assessment of conformance
5.1 Criteria of assessment and test schedule
5.1.1 Information required for assessment
The following information and any other documentation required by the testing organization shall be provided by the manufacturer or his or her agent as part of the submission for type testing:
(a) Sensitivity (the nominal sensitivity may be determined during assessment).
(b) Diagram of connections to indicating equipment.
(c) Trade name, place of manufacture and model number.
(d) List of compatible control and monitoring equipment for test purposes.
(e) Sufficient information to assess the compatibility of the DSE with the environment and CIE, e.g. service temperature ranges.
(1) Evidence of claimed IP rating.
(g) Size of duct the DSE is capable of sampling from.AS 1603.13 pdf download.

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