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AS 14021:2018 pdf free.Environmental labels and declarations – Self-declared environmental claims (Type II environmental labelling) (ISO 14021:2016 MOD).
4 Objective of self-declared environmental claims
The overall goal of environmental labels and declarations is, through communication of verifiable and accurate information, that is not misleading, on environmental aspects of products and services, to encourage the demand for and supply of those products and services that cause less stress on the environment, thereby stimulating the potential for market-driven continuous environmental improvement.
The objective of this International Standard is to harmonize the use of self-declared environmental claims. It is anticipated that benefits will be:
a) accurate and verifiable environmental claims that are not misleading;
b) increased potential for market forces to stimulate environmental improvements in production, processes and products;
c) prevention or minimization of unwarranted claims;
d) reduction in marketplace confusion;
e) facilitation of international trade; and
1) increased opportunities for purchasers, potential purchasers and users of the product to make more informed choices.
5 Requirements applying to all self-declared environmental claims
5.1 General
The requirements set out in Clause 5 shall apply to any self-declared environmental claim made by a claimant, whether it is one of the selected claims referred to in Clause 7 or any other environmental claim.
5.2 Relationship to Iso 14020
In addition to the requirements of this International Standard, the principles set out in ISO 14020 shall apply. Where this International Standard provides more specific requirements than ISO 14020, such specific requirements shall be followed.
5.3 Vague or non-specific claims
An environmental claim that is vague or non-specific or which broadly implies that a product is environmentally beneficial or environmentally benign shall not be used. Therefore, environmental claims such as environmentally safe”, environmentally friendly”, “earth friendly”, non.pollutingN, green”, “nature’s friend” and ozone friendly shall not be used.
NOTE This list is illustrative and not exhaustive.
5.4 Claims of”… free”
An environmental claim of “… free” shall only be made when the level of the specified substance is no more than that which would be found as an acknowledged trace contaminant or background level.
NOTE Attention is drawn to the requirements of £7 k) and 5,7 p).
5.5 Claims of sustainability
The concepts involved in sustainability are highly complex and still under study. At this time there are no definitive methods for measuring sustainability or confirming its accomplishment. Therefore, no claim of achieving sustainability shall be made.
5.6 Use of explanatory statements
Self-declared environmental claims shall be accompanied by an explanatory statement if the claim alone is likely to result in misunderstanding. An environmental claim shall only be made without an explanatory statement if it is valid in all foreseeable circumstances with no qualifications.
5.7 Specific requirements
Self-declared environmental claims and any explanatory statements are subject to all requirements in £.Z. Such claims, including any explanatory statement:
a) shall be accurate and not misleading;
b) shall be substantiated and verified;
c) shall be relevant to that particular product, and used only in an appropriate context or setting;
d) shall be presented in a manner that clearly indicates whether the claim applies to the complete product, or only to a product component or packaging, or to an element of a service;
e shall he specific as to the environmental aspect or environmental improvement which is claimed;
1) shall not be restated using different terminology to imply multiple benefits for a single environmental change;
g) shall be unlikely to result in misinterpretation;
h) shall be true not only in relation to the final product but also shall take into consideration all relevant aspects of the product life cycle in order to identify the potential for one impact to be increased in the process of decreasing another;
NOTE This does not necessarily mean that a life cycle assessment should be undertaken.AS 14021 pdf download.

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