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AS 1141.54:2018 pdf free.Methods for sampling and testing aggregates Method 54: Foreign material in crushed recycled concrete for use in pavements.
Foreign material is categorized as follows:
(a) Type I or high density material such as asphalt. breccia, brick, ceramics glass, metal, sandstone, shale or slag (not blast furnace slag).
(b) Type II or lowdensity material such as plaster, plastic, rubber, clay lumps and other friable material.
(c) Type lii or organic matter such as wood, vegetable matter, paper, cloth, paint and bitumen.
The following apparatus conforming to the provisions of AS 1141.2, is required.
(a) Balances—of sufficient capacity with a limit of performance not exceeding ±5 g for mass determinations >1 kg and ±0.5 g for mass determinations 1 kg.
(b) Drying own—capable of operating at 105°C to 110°C.
(c) Sample dividers or quartering equipment.
(d) Sieve—a 4.75 mm sieve.
(e) Dishes, trays and brushes.
A test portion shall be prepared as follows:
(a) Obtain a sample of material using the appropriate procedure detailed in AS 1141.3.1.
(b) Obtain, either by quartering or by the use of a sample divider, a subsample containing at least 2 kg and not more than 5 kg retained on a 4.75 mm sieve.
(C) Handle in a manner that will avoid breaking up any clay lumps that may be present.
(d) Record the wet mass of the subsample (Mw).
(e) Remove all clay lumps and friable material from the subsample and record their mass (me).
(f) Dry the sub-sample to constant mass in the drying oven.
(g) Record the dry mass (M) of the sub-sample.
NOTE: If this test is performed in association with a particle size analysis. it is permissible to conduct a washed procedure in accordance to AS 1141.11.1 at this point and retain all sieve fraction retained on the 4.75 mm sieve as the test portion.
The procedure shall be as follows:
(a) Separate the foreign material from the test portion and sort it into types in accordance with Clause 4.
(b) Determine the mass (nip) of each type of foreign material separated in Step (a).AS 1141.54 pdf download.

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