AS 3920:2015 pdf free Free AS Standards

AS 3920:2015 pdf free

AS 3920:2015 pdf free.Pressure equipment - Conformity assessment. Unless specified by the parties concerned, this Standard does not specifically apply to— (I) installation of boilers. pressure vessels and pressure piping covered by AS 3892; (ii) operation, servicing...
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AS 3850.1:2015 pdf free Free AS Standards

AS 3850.1:2015 pdf free

AS 3850.1:2015 pdf free.Prefabricated concrete elements Part 1: General requirements. 1.4.20 Erection designer A competent person who is an engineer and is responsible for the erection design of the structure. 1.4.21 Erection platform (crane standing) The base...
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AS 3711.1:2015 pdf free Free AS Standards

AS 3711.1:2015 pdf free

AS 3711.1:2015 pdf free.Freight containers Part 1: Classification, dimensions and ratings (ISO 668:2013, MOD). 5 Dimensions, tolerances and ratings 5.1 Reference temperature for measurements The dimensions and tolerances apply when measured at the temperature of 20 °C...
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AS 2473.2:2015 pdf free Free AS Standards

AS 2473.2:2015 pdf free

AS 2473.2:2015 pdf free.Valves for compressed gas cylinders Part 2: Outlet connections (threaded) and stem (inlet) threads. 2.1 VALVE OtJTLET CONNECTIONS The outlet connections specified in this Standard are listed in Table 2.1, and assigned to nominated...
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AS 1735.5:2015 pdf free Free AS Standards

AS 1735.5:2015 pdf free

AS 1735.5:2015 pdf free.Lifts, escalators and moving walks Part 5: Escalators and moving walks. 4,List of significant hazards 4.1 General This clause contains all the significant hazards, hazardous situations and events, as far as they are dealt...
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AS 1670.4:2015 pdf free Free AS Standards

AS 1670.4:2015 pdf free

AS 1670.4:2015 pdf free.Fire detection, warning, control and intercom systems - System design, installation and commissioning Part 4: Emergency warning and intercom systems. 1.4 DEFINITIONS For the purpose of this Standard the definitions given in AS 2484.2,...
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AS 1417:2015 pdf free Free AS Standards

AS 1417:2015 pdf free

AS 1417:2015 pdf free.Receiving antennas for radio and television in the VHF and UHF broadcast bands- Design, manufacture and performance of outdoor terrestrial television antennas. 2.1 GENERAL Required antenna performance parameters are detailed in this Section. These...
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AS 1111.2:2015 pdf free Free AS Standards

AS 1111.2:2015 pdf free

AS 1111.2:2015 pdf free.ISO metric hexagon bolts and screws - Product grade C Part 2: Screws. This International Standard specifies the characteristics of hexagon head screws with threads from M5 up to and including M64, of product...
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AS 1012.8.4:2015 pdf free Free AS Standards

AS 1012.8.4:2015 pdf free

AS 1012.8.4:2015 pdf free.Methods of testing concrete Method 8.4: Method for making and curing concrete- -Drying shrinkage specimens prepared in the field or in the laboratory. 4 ArPARATUS The following apparatus shall be used. 4.1 Moulds 4.1.1...
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AS 1012.3.5:2015 pdf download Free AS Standards

AS 1012.3.5:2015 pdf download

AS 1012.3.5:2015 pdf download.Methods of testing concrete Method 3.5: Determination of properties related to the consistency of concrete- Slump flow, Ts and J-ring test. 5.8 Veighted collar Weighted collar (optional), having a mass of at least 9...
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