AS 5203:2016 pdf free Free AS Standards

AS 5203:2016 pdf free

AS 5203:2016 pdf free.Protection of openable windows/fall prevention - Test sequence and compliance method. 7 TESTS 7.1 Pass criterion The device or screen shall not permit a 125 mm sphere to pass through the window opening under...
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AS 4796:2016 pdf free Free AS Standards

AS 4796:2016 pdf free

AS 4796:2016 pdf free.Water supply - Metal-bodied and plastic- bodied ball valves for property service connection. 2.1 SCOPE OF SECTION This Section specifies requirements for the materials for valve bodies and component paris. 2.2 DEZINCIFICATION-RESISTANT COPPER ALLOY...
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AS 4484:2016 pdf free Free AS Standards

AS 4484:2016 pdf free

AS 4484:2016 pdf free.Gas cylinders for industrial, scientific, medical and refrigerant use - Labelling and colour coding. 3 DFFllTlOS For the purpose of this Standard, the definitions given in AS 2030.1 and those below apply. 3.1 Colour...
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AS 4001.2:2017 pdf free Free AS Standards

AS 4001.2:2017 pdf free

AS 4001.2:2017 pdf free.Vehicles - Rear marker plates Part 2: Reflective rear marker plates - Fitting requirements. 4 DEFINITIONS For the purpose of this Standard, the definitions below apply. 4.1 Backing material Elir— (a) a rigid plate,...
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AS 3582.2:2016 pdf free Free AS Standards

AS 3582.2:2016 pdf free

AS 3582.2:2016 pdf free.Supplementary cementitious materials Part 2: Slag- Ground granulated blast- furnace. 6.3 Testing Testing shall be carried out in accordance with the reference methods specified in Table I and at frequencies specified in Table 2....
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AS 2890.5:2020 pdf free Free AS Standards

AS 2890.5:2020 pdf free

AS 2890.5:2020 pdf free.Parking facilities Part 5: On-street parking. 2.1 General This Section identifies environmental factors in the arrangement of parking in consideration of safety. preservation of access and the convenience of all road users, as follows:...
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AS 2344:2016 pdf free Free AS Standards

AS 2344:2016 pdf free

AS 2344:2016 pdf free.Limits of electromagnetic interference from overhead a.c. powerlines and high voltage equipment installations in the frequency range 0.15 MHz to 3000 MHz. 3 DEFINITIONS AND ACRONYMS 3.1 Definitions For the purpose of this Standard,...
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AS 1726:2017 pdf free Free AS Standards

AS 1726:2017 pdf free

AS 1726:2017 pdf free.Geotechnical site investigations. 4.3 Carbonate soil A soil containing more than 50% by weight of carbonate compounds (such as calcium carbonate). 4.4 Cemented soil A soil bound with a cementing substance, such that if...
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AS 1289.4.4.1:2017 pdf free Free AS Standards

AS 1289.4.4.1:2017 pdf free

AS 1289.4.4.1:2017 pdf free.Methods of testing soils for engineering purposes Method 4.4.1: Soil chemical tests- Determination of the electrical resistivity of a soil- -Method for fine granular materials. This Standard sets out a procedure for the measurement...
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AS/NZS 62841.2.8:2017 pdf free Free AS Standards

AS/NZS 62841.2.8:2017 pdf free

AS/NZS 62841.2.8:2017 pdf free.Electric motor-operated hand-held tools, transportable tools and lawn and garden machinery - Safety Part 2.8: Particular requirements for hand-held shears and nibblers. 1 Scope This clause of Part 1 is applicable, except as follows:...
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