ASTM D6818-18a pdf free download Free ASTM Standards

ASTM D6818-18a pdf free download

ASTM D6818-18a covers strip test procedures for determining the tensile properties of rolled erosion control products (RECPs). The values stated in SI units are to be regarded as the standard. The values given in parentheses are provided...
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ASTM E1968-19 free download Free ASTM Standards

ASTM E1968-19 free download

ASTM E1968-19 describes procedures applicable to the analysis of cocaine using multiple microcrystal tests. This technique involves a chemical-precipitation reaction between cocaine and the precipitating reagent. The habit and the aggregation of the crystals formed could be...
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ASTM D7896-19 free download Free ASTM Standards

ASTM D7896-19 free download

ASTM D7896-19 pdf free download.The size of this pdf file is 2.15M.ASTM D7896-19,Standard Test Method for Thermal Conductivity, Thermal Diffusivity, and Volumetric Heat Capacity of Engine Coolants and Related Fluids by Transient Hot Wire Liquid Thermal Conductivity...
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ASTM B977-B977M-19 free download Free ASTM Standards

ASTM B977-B977M-19 free download

You can download ASTM B977/B977M-19 pdf,and the size is 2.21M.Here are more details: 1.1 This specification covers titanium and titanium alloy ingots as follows: 1.1.1 Grade 1—UNS R50250. Unalloyed titanium, 1.1.2 Grade 2—UNS R50400. Unalloyed titanium, 1.1.3 Grade 3—UNS R50550. Unalloyed...
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ASTM F688-19 free download Free ASTM Standards

ASTM F688-19 free download

ASTM F688-19 covers the chemical, mechanical, and metallurgical requirements for wrought cobalt-35nickel-20chromium-10molybdenum alloy (UNS R30035) in the form of plate, sheet, and foil to be used in the manufacture of surgical implants.Units—The SI units in this standard...
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ASTM E3188-19 free download Free ASTM Standards

ASTM E3188-19 free download

Now you can download ASTM E3188-19 pdf.The size is 747KB.ASTM E3188-19.Standard Terminology for Aircraft Braking Performance. The terms and definitions listed provide a common set of definitions and concepts that have been agreed upon by the Society...
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ASTM F837M-20 free download Free ASTM Standards

ASTM F837M-20 free download

ASTM F837M-20,Standard Specification for Stainless Steel Socket Head Cap Screws.The pdf file is 663KB.The details are as follows: ASTM F837M-20 covers the chemical and mechanical requirements for stainless steel metric socket head cap screws (SHCS) with nominal...
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