AS ISO 1223:2019 pdf free Free AS Standards

AS ISO 1223:2019 pdf free

AS ISO 1223:2019 pdf free.Photography - Digital still cameras - Determination of exposure index, ISO speed ratings, standard output sensitivity, and recommended exposure index. 5 Test conditions 5.1 General The following measurement conditions should be used as...
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AS IEC 62682:2017 pdf free Free AS Standards

AS IEC 62682:2017 pdf free

AS IEC 62682:2017 pdf free.Management of alarm systems for the process industries. 1 Scope General applicability This International Standard specifies general principles and processes for the lifecycle management of alarm systems based on programmable electronic controller and...
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AS IEC 62619:2017 pdf free Free AS Standards

AS IEC 62619:2017 pdf free

AS IEC 62619:2017 pdf free.Secondary cells and batteries containing alkaline or other non-acid electrolytes-Safety requirements for secondary lithium cells and batteries, for use in industrial applications. 8.2.3 Overcharge control of current (battery system) a) Requirement In case...
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AS IEC 61078:2017 pdf free Free AS Standards

AS IEC 61078:2017 pdf free

AS IEC 61078:2017 pdf free.Reliability block diagrams. Warning: the calculations given above are valid only with asymptotic block availabilities. They are not valid with ordinary average availabilities. Then, when the RBD does not reach a steady state,...
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AS IEC 60601.1.9:2017 pdf free Free AS Standards

AS IEC 60601.1.9:2017 pdf free

AS IEC 60601.1.9:2017 pdf free.Medical electrical equipment Part 1.9: General requirements for basic safety and essential performance Collateral Standard: Requirements for environmentally conscious design. 4 Protection of the ENVIRONMENT 4.1 * Identification of ENVIRONMENTAL ASPECTS THE MANUFACTURER...
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AS 18935:2019 pdf free Free AS Standards

AS 18935:2019 pdf free

AS 18935:2019 pdf free.Imaging materials - Colour images - Determination of water resistance of printed colour images. 5.1 General considerations Water resistance is the ability of a print to resist water damage which may manifest itself in...
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AS 5812:2017 pdf free Free AS Standards

AS 5812:2017 pdf free

AS 5812:2017 pdf free.Manufacturing and marketing of pet food. 2.1 NIANAGEN1ENT AND PRODUCTION PRACTICES AT PET FOOl) MANUFACTURING ESTABLISHMENTS 2.1.1 Outcome Documented procedures and processes shall he in place to assure the production of safe pet food....
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AS 5330:2019 pdf free download Free AS Standards

AS 5330:2019 pdf free download

AS 5330:2019 pdf free download.Drying cabinets for reusable medical devices. Adjustable support brackets, adjustable feet, and levelling bolts fitted to the framework shall be of stainless steel or other suitable material that is corrosion resistant. 1.6 External...
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AS 5100.1:2017 pdf free Free AS Standards

AS 5100.1:2017 pdf free

AS 5100.1:2017 pdf free.Bridge design Part 1: Scope and general principles. 7 ALTERNATIVE DESIGN METHODS AND MATERIALS This Standard does not preclude the use of techniques or materials other than those specified in the Standard. Where this...
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AS/NZS 62841.2.14:2016 pdf download Free AS Standards

AS/NZS 62841.2.14:2016 pdf download

AS/NZS 62841.2.14:2016 pdf download.Electric motor-operated hand-held tools, transportable tools and lawn and garden machinery- Safety Part 2.27: Particular requirements for hand-held planers. 6 Radiation, toxicity and similar hazards This clause of Part 1 is applicable. 7 Classification...
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