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ISO 180-2019 pdf free.Plastics – Determination of Izod impact strength.
6.1.2 Sheets
Specimens shall be machined from sheets in accordance with 150 2818. Whenever possible, specimens with notch A shall be used. The machined surface of unnotched specimens shall not be tested under tension.
6.1.3 Long..fibre.reinforced materials
A panel shall be prepared in accordance with ISO 1268 or another specified or agreed upon preparation
procedure. Specimens shall be machined in accordance with the relevant part of ISO 1268.
6.1.4 Checking
The specimens shall be free of twist and shall have mutually perpendicular parallel surfaces. The surfaces and edges shall be free from scratches, pits, sink marks and flash.
The specimens shall be checked for conformity with these requirements by visual observation against straightedges, squares and flat plates, and by measuring with micrometer callipers.
Specimens showing measurable or observable departure from one or more of these requirements shall be rejected or machined to proper size and shape before testing.
6.1.5 Notching It is preferred that notches are machined into test specimens. Machined notches shall be prepared in accordance with ISO 2818. The profile of the cutting tooth shall be such as to produce in the specimen a notch of the contour and depth shown in Figure 3. at right angles to its principal axes. The notch profile shall be checked at regular intervals. Specimens with mouldedin notches may be used if specified for the material being tested. Specimens with mouldedin notches do not give results comparable to those obtained from specimens with machined notches. The notch profile shall be checked at regular intervals.
6.2 Anisotropy
Certain types of sheet or panel material may show different impact properties depending on the direction in the plane of the sheet or panel. In such cases, it is customary to cut groups of test specimens with their major axes respectively parallel and perpendicular to the direction of some feature of the sheet or panel which is either visible or inferred from knowledge of the method of manufacture.
6.3 Shape and dimensions
6.3.1 General
For the dimensions of the test specimen, see Table 1.
Where necessary with certain types of apparatus, the length may be shortened symmetrically to 63,5 mm.
The longitudinal direction of the notch is always parallel to the thickness, h.ISO 180 pdf download.

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