IEEE C57.21-1990 (R2004) pdf free

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IEEE C57.21-1990 (R2004) pdf free.IEEE Standard Requirements,Terminology, and Test Code for ShuntReactors Rated Over 500 kVA.
IEEE C57.21 Low-Frequency Overvoltage Test for Oil-lmmersed Shunt Reactors
1)The low-frequency overvoltage test for shunt reactors shall consist of a one-hour low-frequency test from Table 5.A, column 5.This voltage shall be applied across the winding with the neutral solidly grounded.Partial discharge measurements shall be made during the one-hour test.
2)Three single-phase one-hour tests may be substituted for a three-phase test. Care should be taken to avoid overheating three-leg reactors or reactors without a magnetic-return path during single-phase overvoltagetests. Note that , under these conditions, it is generally impractical to verify internal phase-to-phase insulationwith-stand strength during a three-phase test. It is therefore recommended that the manufacturer shalldemonstrate the adequacy of the phase-to-phase insulation structure by achieving a minimum of 1.5 timesline-to-neutral test voltage between line terminals during the one-hour test.
Overvoltage Tests for Dry-Type Shunt Reactors
l) Applied-Voltage Test. The applied-voltage test is a high-voltage test for the support insulators only.
2) Turn-to-Turn Overvoltage Test. The turn-to-turn test for dry-type shunt reactors shall be made by applying
between the terminals of each winding a train of high frequency, exponentially decaying, sinusoidal voltageswith a first-peak voltage at least equal to the ,2 times the rms values as specified in Table 5.B, columns 3 or4.
Lightning-lmpulse Test:The lightning-impulse test shall include reduced full-wave, chopped-wave, and full-wave tests. Front-of-wave testsshall also be included when specified.
Insulation Power Factor Test:Insulation power factor is the ratio of the power dissipated in the insulation, in watts, to the product of the effectivevoltage and current, in voltamperes, when tested under a sinusoidal voltage and prescribed conditions. It is recordedduring factory tests to permit a comparison with the power factor measured in the field.
The BIL chosen for each line terminal shall be such that the lightning-impulse,chopped-wave-impulse , and switching-impulse insulation levels include a suitable margin in excess of the dielectric stresses to which the terminal will besubjected in actual service.For information on surge arrester characteristics and application, refer to IEEE C62.11-1987 [18] and IEEE C62.2-1987 [17].IEEE C57.21 pdf download.

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