IEC/TS 62271-210-2013 pdf free High-voltage switchgear and controlgear

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IEC/TS 62271-210-2013 pdf free.High-voltage switchgear and controlgear -Part 210: Seismic qualification for metal enclosed and solid-insulation enclosedswitchgear and controlgear assemblies for rated voltages above 1 kV and up toand including 52 kV.
4.2 PrelimInary analysis
4.2.1 SelectIon of the representative test sample
Due to practical reasons concerned with the available experimental facilities, the seismic qualification of switchgear and controlgear assemblies requires the choice of proper test samples which reasonably represent the whole system for the purpose of structural and functional checks.
Such test samples shall include the switching devices with their relevant operating mechanism and control equipment, and their electrical and mechanical interfaces.
These test samples shall demonstrate the worst cases, such as those with heaviest mass and highest centre of gravity. In case of functional units with different masses, the heaviest panel shall be placed at one end of the test arrangement. Simulation can be used to determine the test sample, which satisfies the above criteria.
4.2.2 MathematIcal model of the test sample
If qualification by combined test and numerical analysis, according to Clause 6, is foreseen, a three-dimensional mathematical model of the test sample shall be created on the basis of technical information concerning the design characteristics.
Such a model shall take into consideration the presence of switching and control devices, compartments and of their supporting structures, and shall have sufficient sensitivity to describe the dynamic behaviour of the test sample in the frequency range being studied.
The validity of the model shall be established by comparison between simulation results and actual tests results, as stated in 7.3.
4.3 Seventies
4.3.1 General
In earthquake zone 4 (risk of very strong earthquakes) the measured peak ground acceleration in many cases is approximately 0.5 g. In a few cases the measured peak ground acceleration is around 1 g (see also Annex 0).
Due to the wide range of ground motions, site conditions, switchgear installations in buildings, two severity levels are defined for seismic qualification in order to avoid designing or testing always to the highest levels.
The shape of the Required Response Spectra (RRS) (severity levels 1 and 2) is a broadband response spectrum to cover many site conditions (magnitude, depth and distance to epicentre, rock or soft soil) and super elevation due to the floor level installation.
For qualification, one of the following severity levels shall be chosen:
The severity level 1 is recommended for peak ground / floor accelerations up to 0,5 g.
The severity level 2 is recommended for peak ground I floor accelerations up to 1 .0 g.
The Required Response Spectra are given in Figures 1 and 2 for the different seismic qualification levels. The curves relate to 2 %. 5 % and 10 % damping ratio of the switchgear and controlgear assemblies. For testing and if the exact damping behaviour is unknown 5 % damping ratio is recommended.
Severity Level 1 is recommended for equipments mounted at the ground level for zones 0 to 4 or at upper floor levels combined with earthquake zones 0 to 3 (see Annex D). For Zone 0, it is not necessary to perform any seismic qualification.
Severity Level 2 is only recommended for equipments mounted at upper floor levels combined with earthquake zone 4 (see Annex D).
If site-specific conditions are known the user may develop a site-specific response spectrum which envelops the shape of the severity level 1 and/or severity level 2.
NOTE The severity level 1 s equivalent to the moderate performance level according to IEEE 693:2005, The severity level 2 is equivalent to the high performance level according to IEEE 693:2005.IEC/TS 62271-210 pdf download.

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