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Tools shall be so constructed that they operate safely so as to cause no danger to persons or surroundings
Tools that have clearly separate modes of operation shall comply separately with the requirements applicable to each specific mode of operation.
Muttifunction tools shall comply separately with the applicable parts 2. 3 and 4 and shall take into account any other hazards due to the combination of functions.
Compliance is checked by fulfilling the relevant requirements and carrying out the relevant tests of this standard.
5 General conditions for the tests
5.1 Tests according to this standard are type rests. General rest conditions in mis ciause apply unless otherwise specified in this standard.
NOTE Annix N shows eRample 0, rouline tests.
5.2 The tests are made on separate samples However, at the manufacturer’s discretion, fewer samples may be used.
The cumulative stress resulting from st,ccessive tests on electronic circuits is to be avoided. It may be necessary to replace components or to use additional samples.
5.3 lIlt is evident from the construction of the tool that a particular test is not applicable, the test is not made.
5.4 The tests are carried out with the tool. and/or any movable part of at, placed an the most unlavourable position that may occur in normal us.
5.5 Tools pa’ovided with controls or switching devices are tested with these controls or devices adjusted to their most unlavourabie settings. if the setting can be altered by the user. Electronic speed control devices are set for the highest speed.
lithe adjusting means of the control is accessible without the aid of a tool, this subclause applies whether the setting can be altered by hand or with the aid of a tool, lithe adjusting means is not accessible without the aid of a tool, and lithe setting is not intended to be altered by the user, this subclause does not apply
Adequate sealing is regarded as preventing alteration of the setting by the user.
5.6 The tests are made in a draught-free location and at an ambient temperature of (20 ± 5) °C.IEC 62841-1 pdf free download.

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