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BS EN 4124:2018 pdf free.Aerospace series – Shank nuts, self-locking, in heatresisting nickel base alloy NI-PH1302 (Waspaloy),silver plated on thread, for 60° swage – Classification:1210 MPa (at ambient temperature)/730 °℃.
BS EN 4124 This document specifies the characteristics of self-locking shank nuts in NI-PH1302, silver plated onthread, for use in 60° cone holes, for aerospace applications. Classification: 1 210 MPa1 / 730C2.
The following documents are referred to in the text in such a way that some or all of their contentconstitutes requirements of this document. For dated references,only the edition cited applies.Forundated references, the latest edition of the referenced document (including any amendments) applies.EN 2424,Aerospace series – Marking of aerospace products
EN 2786,Aerospace series —Electrolytic silver plating of fasteners
EN 2959, Aerospace series — Heat resisting alloy NI-PH1302 (NiCr20Co13Mo4Ti3Al)—Solution treatedand cold worked — Bar for forged fasteners – 3 mm ≤D≤30 mm3
EN 3005,Aerospace series —Nuts, self-locking,M] threads, in heat resisting nickel base alloy NI-PH1302(Waspaloy), silver plated or uncoated— Classification: 1 210 MPa (at ambient temperature)/730 CTechnical specification
EN 3220,Aerospace series — Heat resisting nickel base alloy (NI-P101HT)—Cold worked and softened — Bar and wire for continuous forging or extrusion for fasteners —3≤D≤30 mm
ISO 5855-2,Aerospace—M] threads — Part 2: Limit dimensions for bolts and nuts3 Required characteristics
Configuration — Dimensions — Tolerances – MassesSee Figure 1 and Table 1.
Dimensions and tolerances are in millimetres.They apply after silver plating for thread surface.
1 values applicable before silver plating. Thread surface will be as achieved by normal methods of manufacture
2 remove sharp edges 0,1 to 0,4
3not convex
4chamfer or radius 0,08 max.
5 thread
6 form out-of-round in this area to achieve the self-locking requirement (tooling marks permissible)
7pitch diameter
8marking in these areas but not in locking area Details of form not stated are left to the manufacturer’s discretion.BS EN 4124 pdf download.

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