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BS EN 3645-001:2007 pdf free.Aerospace series — Connectors, electrical,circular, scoop-proof,triple start threadedcoupling, operatingtemperature 175 Cor 200 °C continuous — Technical specification.
BS EN 3645-001 The connector housings shall be one-piece.They shall contain teeth at the rear over their entire periphery andshall accommodate the rear accessories. The receptacle shall be fitted with a seal for sealing the coupledhousings.
Jam nut receptacles shall contain an O-ring seal. The nut shall have holes for the passage of locking wire.During coupling the grounding spring shall be engaged a minimum of 1,02 mm in the receptacle before thecontacts engage.
Except for the triple start threads,which shall conform to standard MIL-STD-1373, threads shall conform tostandards lSo 68-1,ISO 261,ISO 262 and lsO 965-2.
The coupling ring shall be designed so that the male and female contacts engage when it is turned in a clock-wise direction and disengage when turned anticlockwise. The coupling threads may have a lubricant appliedduring manufacture.
Full locking of the connectors shall occur at about 360 . On completion of tightening of the coupling ring, me-chanical contact shall exist between the receptacle and plug housings.Masking of a red colour band on thereceptacle by the coupling nut shall show that the connectors are correctly coupled.
The receptacle has five keyways which engage with corresponding keys on the plug. The major key is fixedand is wider than the others. Polarization is ensured by the different positions which the minor keys may take.The position of the insert is fixed relative to the major key.
A blue-coloured band indicating that the crimped contacts of the connectors are rear-releasable shall be pro-vided:
in front of the flange on square flange receptacles;on the flange of jam nut receptacles;
on the coupling ring of plugs.
This band shall be positioned so that at least one is visible when the connectors are ftted and when they aremated or unmated.”
The insert carrying the male and female contacts shall be in hard material and have a cross section and radisuch that no cracks, flaking or breaks can occur in normal operation.
The insert for contacts shall be non-removable; it shall be mechanically held in the housing.Sealing shall beprovided between the housing and insert.
The front face of the insert shall be such that sealing is ensured when the connectors are coupled. The inter-facial seal of the insert of the male contacts shall be bonded on the hard insert.
The grommet shall permit sealing for all cable diameters indicated in EN 3645-002 and shall not be remov-able.
The mechanical contacts retention system shall be integrated in the hard insert.
The design of non-hermetic connectors shall permit individual installation of the contacts without removal ofthe insert or grommet. Fitting and removal of the contacts shall be from the rear with the tools specified in thecontact product standards.BS EN 3645-001 pdf download.

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