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BS EN 12131:2018 pdf free.Feather and down – Test methods – Determination of the quantitative compositionof feather and down (manual method).
BS EN 12131 Conditioning of the samples is carried out according to EN ISO 139.
Draw a sample of no less than 30 g from the conditioned laboratory global sample.Put the sampleinto the mixing container (5.5) and mix carefully by hand to make it as homogeneous as possible.Fromdifferent places of this sample, draw at least three test specimens, each of them having a mass of about5 g, weighed with an accuracy of 1 mg of about 5 g for fillings with an expected down content less than60 % and of about 3 g for fillings with an expected down content of 60 % or more.
Each specimen is placed in a separate container.
NOTE For setting the final result it is necessary to have validated analysis of at least two test specimens whilesometimes replacement or additional specimens are to be used.Therefore, a preparation of spares over the threespecimens is suggested.
Procedure7.1 General
The separation procedure shall be carried out in a conditioned room in accordance with EN ISO 139.7.2 First separation
Mark the weighing containers (5.2) with the indication A, B,C, D,E and Q; weigh them with theircover, with an accuracy of 0,1 mg.Put one of the weighed test specimens (6.3) into the separation box (5.1).
With tweezers, remove initially all feathers from the plumage; brush the feathers gently between thumband index finger of one hand to remove any down fibre or residual matter caught therein.
Identify the single elements which are extracted from the test specimen and put them in the suitableweighing containers, as indicated in Table 1.BS EN 12131 pdf download.

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