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AS/NZS IEC 62045.4:2020 pdf download.Rubber insulated cables – Rated voltages up to and including 450/750 V Part 4: Cords and flexible cables.
5 Heavy polychloroprene or other equivalent synthetic elastomer sheathed flexible cable
5.1 Code designation
60245 IEC 66.
5.2 Rated voltage
450/750 V.
5.3 Construction
5.3.1 Conductor
Number of conductors: 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5.
The conductors shall comply with the requirements given in IEC 60228 for class 5 conductors. The wires may be plain or tinned.
5.3.2 Separator
A separator of suitable material may be applied around each conductor.
5.3.3 Insulation
The insulation shall be rubber compound of type 1E4 applied around each conductor. The insulation shall be applied by extrusion.
The thickness of insulation shall comply with the specified value given in Table 5, column 2.
5.3.4 Proofed textile tape
An optional proofed textile tape may be applied on each core for cables with conductors having a nominal cross-section in excess of 4 mm2 and it shall be applied helically wound with an overlap of at least 1 mm.
The tape shall be applied to the insulation in such a manner that it can be removed without damage to the insulation.
5.3.5 Assembly of cores and filler, if any
The cores shall be twisted together.
A centre filler may be used.
In the case of cores having conductors of large cross-section, a textile tape may be applied around the core assembly before application of the sheath, provided that the finished cables shall not have any substantial cavity in outer interstices between the cores.
5.3.6 Sheath
The cores shall be covered with a sheath.
The thickness of sheath shall comply with the specified value given in Table 5, columns 3, 4 and 5.
The sheath shall be made up as follows: For single-core cables
— sheath in a single layer, rubber compound of type SE4. For multicore cables
a) Cross-sections not exceeding 10 mm2:
— in a single layer, rubber compound of type SE4.
b) Cross-sections in excess of 10 mm2:
— either in a single layer, rubber compound of type SE4:
— or in two layers, with the inner layer made of rubber compound of type SE3 and the outer layer of rubber compound of type SE4.
C) Sheath penetration:
In cases a) and b), the sheath in a single layer or the inner layer of the sheath in two layers shall fill the spaces between the cores.
The sheath shall be capable of being removed without damage to the laid-up cores
5.3.7 Overall diameter
The mean overall diameter shall be within the limits given in Table 5, columns 6 and 7.
5.4 Tests
Compliance with the requirements of 5.3 shall be checked by inspection and by the tests given in Table 6.
The tests at low temperature shall be restricted to cables with conductor(s) having a nominal cross-sectional area not exceeding 16 mm2.
5.5 Guide to use
Maximum conductor temperature in normal use: 60 C.
NOTE Other guidelines are under consideration.AS/NZS IEC 62045.4 pdf download.

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