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AS/NZS 7000:2016 pdf free.Overhead line design.
See Appendix A for a list of documents referenced in this Standard and for a list of related
For the purpose of this Standard the definitions below apply.
1.4.1 AccIdental action
Action, usually of short duration, which has a low probability of occurrence during the design working life.
NOTE: An accidental action can he expected in many cases to cause severe consequences unless special measures are taken.
1.4.2 Action
Set of concentrated or distributed forces acting on a structure (direct action), or deformation imposed on a structure or constrained within it (indirect action).
NOTE: The term load is also often used to describe direct actions. An action can be permanent. variable or accidental.
1.4.3 Aerial bundled cable
Two or more cores twisted together into a single bundled cable assembly. Two types of aerial bundled cable are used—
(a) low voltage aerial bundled cable (LVABC) means a cable which meets the requirements of either ASINZS 3560.1 or AS/NZS 3560.2 as applicable; and
(b) high voltage aerial bundled cable 1IVABC) means a cable which meets the requirements of either AS/NZS 3599.1 or AS/NZS 3599.2 as applicable.
1.4.4 Aerial cable
Any insulated or covered conductor or assembly of cores with or without protective covering, which is placed above ground, in the open air and is suspended between two or more supports.
1.4.5 Bonding conductor
Conductor providing equipotential bonding.
1.4.6 Calculated breaking load (CBL)
In relation to a conductor, means the calculated minimum breaking load determined in accordance with the relevant Australian/New Zealand Standard.
1.4.7 Characteristic value of a material property
Value of a material property having a prescribed probability of not being attained in a hypothetical unlimited test series. This value generally corresponds to a specified fraction of the assumed statistical distribution of the particular property of the material.
1.4.8 Clearance
The shortest distance between two objects that may have a potential difference between them.
1.4.9 Coefficient of variation
Ratio of the standard deviation to the mean value.
1.4.10 Component
One of the different principal parts of the overhead electrical line system having a specified purpose.
Typical components are supports, foundations, conductors, insulator strings and hardware.
1.4.11 Conductor
Any bare conductor which is placed above ground. in the open air and is suspended between two or more supports.
1.4.12 Conductor temperature
Means the average conductor temperature.
1.4.13 Corona
Luminous discharge due to ionization of the air surrounding an electrode caused by a voltage gradient exceeding a critical value.
NOTE: Electrodes may be conductors, hardware, accessories or insulators.
1.4.14 Covered conductor
A conductor around which is applied a specified thickness of insulating material. AS/NZS 3675 specifies two types of covered conductor—
(a) CC–where the nominal covering thickness is independent of working voltage; and
(b) CCT—where the nominal covering thickness is dependent on the working voltage.
1.4.15 I)esign sorking life or design life
Assumed period for which a structure, components and elements arc to be used for the intended purpose with anticipated routine maintenance but without substantial repair being necessary.AS/NZS 7000 pdf download.

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