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AS/NZS 62676.5:2020 pdf download.Video surveillance systems for use in security applications Part 5: Data specifications and image quality performance for camera devices (IEC 62676-5:2018, MOD).
4 Description of video surveillance camera specification items
4.1 General
For video surveillance cameras, including analogue and digital output cameras, network cameras and others with or without PTZ functionality, common items that should be specified in the product documentation such as datasheets are listed. If any of the description items below are specified for the camera, it shall be done according to the requirements of this document.
Description items without a referenced standard or not listed at all in this document should be specified according to other published international standards, including a reference to these standards.
4.2 Camera
4.2.1 Image sensor Description
This indicates a device which converts an optical image into an electrical signal. Usually it is a solid state image acquisition device that has many photoelectric conversion elements placed on the surface where optical image is converted into electrical signal. The electrical signal is then read out in sequence. Item indication [Image Sensor] Content indication Type
This indicates an image sensor by type as a symboic number, wnich is a egacy diagonai dimension in inches as an idiomatic description. Inches, using the symbol of double prime (), may be used as a historical expression for optical format size.
A charge transfer drive system and semi-conductor technology type should be indicated.
EXAMPLE 1:1/3 type Interline Transter (IT) CCD Image scanning area
This indicates the scanning size of an effective image area of an image sensor. It is indicated by dimensions in horizontal and vertical directions, in millimetres. As a conventional idiomatic description, it may be called the diameter of an image pickup tube (originally “inch). The relation between the idiomatic descriptions and general dimensions are as below:
• 1/2 Type (6,4 mm x 4,8 mm);
• 1/3 Type (4,8 mm x 3,6 mm);
• 1/4 Type (3,6 mm x 2,7 mm).
It should be indicated by horizontal (H) x vertical (V) dimensions of an image size (effective image scanning area) in millimetres.
It may be described with the idiomatic descriptions in parallel.
Inches, using the symbol of double prime (s), may be used as a historical expression for optical format size.
NOTE Some megapixel sensors can have multiples of different scanning areas depending upon the selected
video format and the mode of reading pixels.
EXAMPLE 1: 6.4 mm (H) * 4.8 mm (V)(1I2 Type. 4:3 mode)
EXAMPLE 2: 4.8 mm (H) x 3.6 mm (V) (113 Type. 4:3 SD mode)
EXAMPLE 3: 5.70 mm (H) x 4,28 mm (V) (112,5, 4:3 5MP mode)
EXAMPLE 4: 4,22 mm (H) x 2,38 mm (V) (1/2,5, 16:9 HD mode) Pixel number
This indicates the number of pixels on the surface of an image sensor, comprising photoactive and non-photoactive pixels.
The number of effective pixels indicates the number of pixels participating in the actual photoelectric conversion. The total number of pixels is a sum of the effective pixels and the pixels for synchronizing, blanking and optical black function around the effective area.
— Approximate number of effective pixels: a rounded number of the product of the number of horizontal pixels and the number of vertical pixels.
— Number of effective pixels: the actual product number of horizontal and vertical pixels (H x V) an electronic picture is made of, produced by the sensor.
— Total number of pixels: usually is not indicated, but may be accompanied by the number of effective pixels.AS/NZS 62676.5 pdf download.

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