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AS/NZS 61058.1:2020 pdf download.Switches for appliances Part 1: General requirements (IEC 61058-1 :2016 (ED.4.0) MOD).
11.10 Multiple conductors (TT4)
Conductors to be fitted are selected as declared by the manufacturer or of maximum cross- sectional areas according to Table 4.
For conductors classified 7.20.13, perform steps a) to c) of TT2 Clause 11.8.4.
For conductors classified 7.20.12 perform steps a) to c) of TT2 Clause 11.8.2.
For terminals declared suitable for the connection of two or more conductors (7.20.9), the test is repeated with the terminal fitted with the declared number of conductors;
For terminals declared suitable for two or more conductors (7.20.9), the appropriate pull is applied consecutively to each conductor.
Compliance of the test:
During the application of the pull, the conductor shall not come out of the terminal. After these
tests, neither the terminal nor the clamping means shall have worked loose.
12 Construction
12.1 Constructional requirements relating to protection against electric shock
12.1.1 When double insulation is used the design shall be such that the basic insulation and the supplementary insulation can be tested separately unless compliance with regard to the properties of both insulations is provided in another way.
Compliance is checked by inspection.
a) If the basic and the supplementary insulation cannot be tested separately, or if compliance with regard to the properties of both insulations cannot be obtained in another way, the insulation is considered to be reinforced insulation.
b) Specially prepared specimens, or specimens of the insulating parts, are considered to be ways of providing means of determining compliance.
12.1.2 Switches shall be designed so that creepage distances and clearances cannot be reduced, as a result of wear, below the values specified in Clause 20. They shall be constructed so that if any conductive part of the switch becomes loose and moves out of position, it cannot get so disposed in normal use that creepage distances or clearances across supplementary insulation or reinforced insulation are reduced.
Compliance is checked by inspection, by measurement and by manual test.
For the purpose of this test:
it is not to be expected that two independent fixings will become loose at the same time;
— parts fixed by means of screws or nuts provided with locking washers are regarded as not liable to become loose, provided that these screws or nuts are not required to be removed during user maintenance or servicing;
— springs and spring parts are not regarded as being liable to become loose or fall out of position if they do not do so during the tests of Clauses 18 and 19.
12.1.3 Integrated conductors shall be rigid, fixed, or insulated so that in normal use creepage distances and clearances shall not be reduced below the values specified in Clause 20.AS/NZS 61058.1 pdf download.

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