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AS/NZS 60335.2.32:2020 pdf download.Household and similar electrical appliances – Safety Part 2.32: Particular requirements for massage appliances.
The appliance shall not overturn unless the appliance or part of the appliance which overturns corn plies with all of the following:
— it only contains circuits operating at safety extra-low voltage according to 8. 1.4;
— it only contains low power circuits according to 19. 11.1;
— it is dropped from a height of 1 m on a rigidly supported concrete surface 5 times, the appliance being held in different positions likely to occur. After the drops, the appliance or part of the appliance as relevant shall show no damage so that compliance with 15.1 and 20.2 is not impaired;
— it has a maximum weight of 450 g when ready for use;
— it does not have sharp edges when ready for use. An edge with a radius of 1 mm or more is not considered a sharp edge.
21 Mechanical strength
This clause of Part 1 is applicable except as follows.
21.1 Addition:
Appliances intended to be used under the feet of a sitting person are loaded as specified for normal operation but with the mass increased to 90 kg. The mass is applied for 30 s.
Hand-held parts of appliances are also subjected to the test of 21.101.
21.101 The hand-held part of the appliance is placed in a sling that is constructed by tying together the four corners of a single layer of cheesecloth. The lowest point of the sling is suspended at a height of 900 mm above a concrete or similar hard surface.
The hand-held part of the appliance in the sling is dropped from a stationary position. The test is carried out a total of five times with the hand-held part of the appliance being positioned so that it falls onto the concrete surface in five different orientations.
The appliance shall not be damaged to such an extent that compliance with 8. 1 and Clause 29 is impaired.
22 Construction
This clause of Part 1 is applicable except as follows.
22.101 Appliances shall be constructed so that hair cannot be drawn into the appliance or be entangled in moving parts.
Compliance is checked by inspection.
22.102 Appliances that use water and in which air is circulated shall be constructed so that the water cannot penetrate into the motor and come into contact with live parts or basic insulation.
Compliance is checked by the following test.
The overflow outlet is blocked and the appliance is filled until water overflows. Non-return valves are rendered inoperative one at a time.AS/NZS 60335.2.32 pdf download.

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