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AS/NZS 5263.1.11:2020 pdf free.Gas appliances Part 1.11: Small gas engine driven appliances.
2.1 Scope
This Clause of AS/NZS 5263.0 applies.
2.2 General design requirements
This Clause of AS/NZS 5263.0 applies, except as modified below.
2.2.3 Fitting of flame safeguards Not applicable.
2.2.10 1 Supports for appliance pipework
Supports for appliance pipework shall —
(a) accommodate for normal pipe movement, including thermal expansion and vibration; and
(b) protect pipework against wear.
2.2.102 Crankcase gas venting
Crankcase gases shall be vented into the engine air intake or via a suitable venturi into the flueway at a point where its temperature is below the auto ignition temperature of the lubricating oil vapour.
2.2.103 Batteries Battery location
Batteries shall be installed in locations which are —
(a) not subject to excessive vibration; and
(b) shielded from water or oil leakage or overflow. Battery compartment ventilation
Where outgassing is possible, any battery compartment shall be vented to a safe location.
2.2.104 Mechanical ventilation failure
Where an appliance has mechanical ventilation, failure of a fan or impairment of fan performance shall not cause an unsafe condition.
2.2.105 Failure of cooling system
Failure of any appliance cooling system during engine running shall initiate a safety shutdown before
the appliance overheats.
2.3 Materials
This Clause of AS/NZS 5263.0 applies, except as modified below.
2.3.5 Components required to be placed in a flame Not applicable.
2.3.101 Flueway insulation
Thermal insulation for flueways shall have a minimum temperature rating satisfying all expected
service requirements and as specified by the manufacturer.
2.4 Design for assembly and installation
This Clause of AS/NZS 5263.0 applies, except as modified below.
2.4.101 Provision of hose assembly
Where an appliance is intended for use with an LP Gas cylinder, a hose assembly in accordance with
AS/NZS 1869, which incorporates a regulator in accordance with AS 4621, shall be provided.
2.5 Design for maintenance
This Clause of AS/NZS 5263.0 applies, except as modified below.
2.5.2 Accessibility for replacement
Components that require removal for service work shall be accessible for replacement without undue risk of injury.
For appliances that cannot be easily disconnected and handled by one person, the following components shall be accessible for replacement without moving the appliance from the installed position:
Regulator diaphragms and valves.
NOTE Does not apply to the regulator or valve body.
Thermostats complete including sensing elements. Thermostat valve plug and bypass adjuster to be separately removable.
Filters (gas, oil and water).
Engine mufflers and catalytic converters.
Clocks and timers.
Door springs or other door control mechanisms.
Engine controls.
Ignition devices.
Flexible hoses.
Drip trays.
Automatic control equipment.
Semi-rigid pipes.
Safety shut off systems.
Electric light globes.AS/NZS 5263.1.11 pdf download.

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