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AS/NZS 3190:2016 pdf free.Approval and test specification – Residual current devices (current- operated earth-leakage devices).
For the purpose of this Standard the following definitions apply:
2.1 Break time
The tripping time of the interval between the instant at which the current starts to flow in the circuit and the instant at which the contacts or the means of isolation (isolating device) start to separate or, in the case of a relay, the instant at which a tripping signal appears at its output terminals.
2.2 Electrical portable outlet device (EPOD)
A device, other than a cord extension set or a socket-outlet adaptor without any control or conditioning functions, having a single means of connection to a low voltage supply, and one or more outlet facilities. It may incorporate a reeling or coiling arrangement and/or a control or conditioning function.
NOTE: See AS/NZS 3105.
2.3 Miniature overcurrent circuit-breaker (NICB)
Mechanical switching device capable of making, carrying and breaking currents under normal circuit conditions and also of making. carrying for a specified time, and automatically breaking currents under specified abnormal circuit conditions, such as those occurring during a short-circuit.
For the purpose of this Standard. a miniature overcurrent circuit-breaker is a circuit-breaker with a panel projected area not more than 400 mm1 pole.
NOTF: See AS/NZS 3111 and AS/NZS 60X98.l.
2.4 Minimum non-actuating time
The maximum delay during which a value of residual current higher than the residual non-operating current can be applied to a device without causing it to operate.
2.5 Portable residual current device (PRCI))
A portable self-contained unit arranged for connection to a socket-outlet either directly or by means of a flexible cord and plug, and consisting of a Type I or Type II residual current device (see Clause 4.1) and one or more outlets, constructed so that it can be carried by hand.
For the purpose of this Standard, a portable residual current device is referred to as a
2.6 Portable socket outlet assembly (PSOA)
A PSOA is a PRCD assembly with two or more socket-outlets that is primarily intended for construction and demolition sites as defined in ASINZS 3012. See Clause 4.2 (c) and Clause 5.10 (b).
NOTE: Socket-outlets complying with AS/NZS 3112, ASINZS 3123 or with the IEC 60309 series are acceptable.AS/NZS 3190 pdf download.

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