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AS NZS 2885.2:2020 pdf download.Pipelines – Gas and liquid petroleum Part 2: Welding.
5.8 Reinforcement of a welded branch connection
The design of welds involving pipe to pipe branch connections (whether sit-on or set-in) shall be in
accordance with Appendix L of AS/NZS 2885.1.
5.9 Reinforcement of multiple openings
The reinforcement of multiple openings shall be determined from Appendix L of AS/NZS 2885.1.
5.10 Forged branch component
A forged branch COMPONENT with integral reinforcement shall be designated sit-on or set-in.
The weld between a set-in branch COMPONENT and a pipe shall be designated a tee-butt weld.
The weld between a sit-on branch COMPONENT and a pipe shall be designated a single bevel butt weld.
The weld joint design shall be in accordance with AS/NZS 2885.1. The weld toe detail at branches shall meet the requirements of AS 4041.
NOTE The welding of forged branch type COMPONENTS with integral reinforcement, such as weldolets, is shown in AS 4041.
5.11 Effect of components on PIG passage
The method of welding COMPONENTS into pipelines, which may require pigging during their design life, shall —
(a) allow free passage of PIGs in the main pipeline; and
(b) prevent entry of main pipeline PIGs into any branch line.
5.12 Offset of longitudinal welds
Longitudinal welds on the opposite sides of a girth weld shall be staggered circumferentially. The minimum circumferential offset distance between longitudinal welds shall be not less than six times the pipe wall NOMINAL THICKNESS.
5.13 Distance between welds
A weld for any branch connection (whether integrally reinforced or not) or any welded attachment to the pipe shall be located a minimum distance of approximately six times the pipe NOMINAL. THICKNESS from any circumferential weld in the pipe.
NOTE: The minimum distance between girth welds should be 1.5 times the pipe diameter.
5.14 LocatIon of aluminothermic welds and brazing connections
Aluminothermic welds and brazing connections shall be located at a distance greater than 6 times the pipe wall thickness from an existing pipeline longitudinal or circumferential weld. Where multiple cable connections are required, the spacing between them shall be greater than 75 mm.
5.15 Attachment of electrical conductors
Conductors shall be attached to pipelines using aluminothermic welding, brazing or by fillet welding a lug, boss or pad.AS NZS 2885.2 pdf download.

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