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AS/NZS 2442.2:2021 pdf free.Performance of household electrical appliances – Rotary clothes dryers Part 2: Energy efficiency labelling requirements.
2.1 General
This Section sets out the test requirements, equations and procedures for calculating values of the comparative energy consumption (CEC), and star rating, which appear on an energy rating label.
The process consists of measuring the tested energy consumption (Et) and moisture removed (mr) of each unit tested, then calculating the tested energy performance (TEP) and the projected annual energy consumption (PAEC) of the unit.
The values of PAEC for the units tested are used to determine the CEC for the model. The CEC and the rated load capacity are then used to calculate the star rating index (SRI) and the star rating.
NOTE For an example of calculations carried out on a set of test results, see Appendix A.
2.2 Processing of data
2.2.1 Number of units required
For the purpose of determining the CEC of a model for energy labelling, three separate units of the nominated model shall be tested for energy consumption in accordance with AS/NZS 2442.1. At the supplier’s discretion, more than three units may be tested.
2.2.2 Number of tests per unit
Each unit shall be subjected to at least one valid test run to obtain a value of Et for that unit. Results shall be documented in a test report.
NOTE Refer to AS/NZS 2442.1:2020 Appendix G.
2.2.3 Multiple test runs
Where more than one test run is performed on a unit, the values of Et and mr shall be recorded for each run. For subsequent calculations, the values of E and rn, shall each be averaged and treated as the result for that unit.
2.2.4 Results
After testing three or more separate units in accordance with Clause 2.2.1, the separate values of mr and PAEC shall be averaged and referred to as mr(av.) and PAECaV respectively. The results shall be documented in a test report.
2.3 Projected annual energy consumption (PAEC)
The PAEC of a single rotary clothes dryer unit shall be calculated from Equation 2.1:
PAEC = 52 x F1 x E (kWh/year)
Ff = field use factor. It accounts for the over-drying of clothes by timer and manual dryers.It is equal to 1.1 for timer and manual controlled clothes dryers and 1.0 for autosensing dryers
Et = tested energy consumption (rounded to the nearest 0.001 kWh).AS/NZS 2442.2 pdf download.

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