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AS NZS 1301.458:2020 pdf free.Methods of test for pulp and paper Method 458: In-plane glue bond strength of wetted corrugated fibreboard.
5 Preparation of test pieces
5.1 Sample selection
Select a sample or samples, representative of the corrugated fibreboard to be evaluated and large enough to permit the cutting of the requisite number of test pieces. Test pieces shall be free from damage or other irregularities and, unless agreed otherwise between the interested parties, free from converting machine marks. Samples shall be marked to facilitate later identification of the sides. lithe two sides cannot be easily distinguished prior to cutting the strips, mark the sample or samples such that all test pieces will carry the mark on the same side in an area that will not be tested. If the two sides are indistinguishable and a single sample is required, mark the sample in the same manner. If the sides are indistinguishable and more than one sample is required, mark each sample in a similar manner with a different mark on each sample e.g. using a different colour. In this case it is not possible to know if the same side of each sample bears the mark.
Samples do not need to be conditioned under any particular temperature or relative humidity conditions; however, they shall be set aside for curing prior to the test.
5.2 Curing time
Allow the sample to cure for 24 h to ensure that the glue bond reaches maximum strength. If it is suspected after testing that the glue bond had not fully cured, allow the sample to cure for a further 24 h and retest.
5.3 Cuttingoftestpieces
Cut strips of board in the machine-direction by using the cutter described in Clause 4(d). Strips shall be 25.0 mm ± 0.2 mm wide in the cross-machine direction For ease of distinguishing the sides after the strips have been cut into test pieces, lightly mark one side of each strip e.g. draw a line along the strip with a coloured marker pen.
Using the thin-bladed knife, cut each strip into test pieces. Each test piece shall have four glue lines on the side to be tested and five on the other side. Both liners and the medium shall be cut right through in a direction parallel to the flutes and about midway between the glue lines, see Figure 2. The cut is easier to make in one pass if the blade is held at an angle to the plane of the board. Cut four or more test pieces for each of the sides to be tested. If the test pieces are cut from a single sample, cut an even number of, and at least eight, test pieces so that the same number of tests can be carried out on each side. If the test pieces are cut from more than one sample, cut at least eight test pieces, cutting an even number of test pieces from each sample. If it is not possible to cut an even number of test pieces from each sample, sufficient test pieces shall be cut to minimize the error which could result from different numbers of tests being carried out on the two sides of the sample. The number of tests carried out in this case shall be agreed to by the parties involved.
lithe glue lines on double-wall board are to be tested, cut a strip as above. Using the thin-bladed knife, remove the liner and corrugated medium on the side of the middle liner opposite to that on which the glue lines to be tested are located, cutting as close as possible to the middle liner without damaging it. The remainder is then cut into test pieces in the same way as normal single-wall board. A similar technique can be applied to triple-wall board.AS NZS 1301.458 pdf download.

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