AS ISO/ASTM 52921:2020 pdf free download

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AS ISO/ASTM 52921:2020 pdf free download.Standard terminology for additive manufacturing – Coordinate systems and test methodologies.
3. Significance and Use
3.1 Although many additive manufacturing systems are based heavily upon the principles of Computer Numerical Control (CNC), the coordinate systems and nomenclature specific to CNC are not suflicien to be applicable across the full spectrum ot additive manufacturing equipment. This terminology expands UOfl the principles of Iso 841 and applies them specifically to additive manufacturing. Although this terminology is intended to complement ISO 841. if there should arise any conflict, this terminology shall have priority for additive manufacturing applications. For any issues not covered in this terminology, the principles in ISO 841 may be applied.
3.2 Furthermore, this terminology does not prescribe the use of any specific existing testing methodologies or standards that practitioners of AM may wish to employ for testing purposes; however, it is expected that practitioners will employ appropriate existing methodologies and standards to test parts made by AM.
4. Termino1ogv
4.1 Definitions—Definitions shall be in accordance with Terminology F2792 and the following:
build platform, n—of ci ,ncwhme, any base which provides a surface upon which the build is started and supported throughout the build process (see A 1.1).
DIscLssIo—The machine build platform may he solid or perforated and made from a wide variety of materials and constructions.
I)IscussloN—In some systems the parts are built attached to the build platform, either directly or through a support structure. In other systems, such as powder bed systems, no direct mechanical fixture between the build and the platform may be required.
build surface, n—area where material is added, normally on the last deposited layer which becomes the foundation upon which the next layer is formed.
DIsclrssIoN—For the first layer the build surface is often the build platform.
DiscussioN— If the orientation of the material deposition or consolidation means, or both, is variable, it may be defined relative to the build surface (for example. a blown powder head may be kept normal to it. See also Z axis discussion).
front, n—.of ci machine, shall be designated by the machine builder.
DIscLrssKw—6enerally. this is the side of the machine that the operator faces to access the user interface or primary viewing window. or both. (See Al.l).
machine coordinate system, n—a three-dimensional Cartesian coordinate system as defined by a fixed point on the build platform “with the three principal axes labeled X, Y. and Z, with rotary axes about each of theses axes labeled A, B. and C, respectively” see A1.l, Al.2, and A1.3) as stated in ISO 841.
origin, n—a designated reference point at which the three primary axes in a Cartesian coordinate system intersect. Synonyms: zero point, or (0. 0, 0) when using X. V. and Z
built! o!ume origin, n—shall be located at the center of the build platform fixed on the build facing surface.AS ISO/ASTM 52921 pdf download.

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