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AS ISO 6682:2020 pdf download.Earth-moving machinery — Zones of comfort and reach for controls.
AS ISO 6682 defines zones of comfort and reach for controls derived from the overlapping reach capability of large and small operators in the seated position.
2 Field of application
This document is intended as a guide for the design of the operator compartment controls for earth- moving machinery.
3 References
ISO 3411, Earth-moving machinery — Human physical dimensions of operators and minimum operator space envelope.
ISO 5353, Earth-moving machinery — Seat index point (SIP).
ISO 6746/1, Earth-moving machinery — Definitions of dimensions and symbols — Part 1: Base machine.
4 Definitions
4.1 SIP
Seat Index Point as defined by ISO 5353 (fixed at nominal seat adjustments).
4.2 control displacement
Travel or movement of a control through its operational range.
4.3 control location
Positions of a control, including the corresponding control displacement, defined from the SIR
4.4 primary controls
Controls that are used frequently or continuously by the operator, such as:
a) Machine controls: transmission, brakes, steering, engine speed, etc.
b) Working tool controls: blade controls, bucket controls, ripper controls, etc.
4.5 secondary controls
Controls that are infrequently used by the operator, such as lights, windscreen wipers, starter, heater, air conditioner, etc.
4.6 zones of comfort
Preferred control location zones for primary hand and foot controls. Both large and small operators should be able to reach controls comfortably in these zones.
zones of reach
Control location zones for secondary hand and foot controls. Both large and small operators should be able to reach controls in these zones from the seated position, but the operator may be required to rotate or lean forward and to each side.
XYZ coordinate system
Coordinate system used to define the control zone locations:
a) Origin at the SIP.
b) X-axis; fore-aft, positive to front of the SIP.
c) y-axis; lateral, positive to right of the SIP.
d) Z.axis; vertical, positive upward from the SIP.
LSOURCE: See ISO 6746/1.1
4.9 Movement that changes the angle between body parts.
4.10 adduction
Movement in a plane normal to the plane of flexion and directed towards or past the mid-axis (XZ plane) of the body.
4.11 abduction
Movement in a plane normal to the plane of flexion and directed away from the mid-axis (XZ plane) of the body.
4.12 circumductlon
Movement about an axis that circumscribes a cone.
5 Control location zones
5.1 The control location zones are determined in relation to the SIR
5.2 The zones of comfort and zones of reach for hand and foot controls are shown in figuresL 2 and . These zones correspond to the human physical dimensions given in ISO 3411.
5.3 Control location zones are defined by the common reach zones for large and small operators. The specific conditions which are used to derive these control location zones are presented in annex A.
5.4 The zone of comfort for hand controls may be rotated up to 30° about a vertical axis through the SIP for reaching rear equipment controls that are used whilst the operator is turned in the seat.
5.5 The zones of comfort and reach for hand controls may be increased by 75 mm for controls operated by finger grasp.
5.6 Annex B lists the X, Y and Z coordinates and radii of figures 1. 2 and which should he used when developing larger scale drawings as drafting aids.AS ISO 6682 pdf download.

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