AS 6000:2015 Organic and biodynamic products

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AS 6000:2015 pdf download.Organic and biodynamic products.
2.1 FARN1
2.1.1 General principles
(a) The basic aim of an operator should he to achieve optimum quantities of quality product, while enhancing time’ susiainahilitv of natural agriculture resources.
(b) The aim outlined above is achieved through organic management practices, which create soils of enhanced biological activity, as indicated by the humus level, crumb structure and feeder roof development, such that plants are fi?cl through the soil ecosystem. and no! principally hi’ adding soluble fertilizers 10 the soil.
(c) Plants grown in natural systems take up nutrients that are released slow/v om humus colloids. at a rate governed by sunlight and warmth. Under such a system, metabolism of the plant and its ability to assimilate nutrients is not over—stressed by excessive uptake of soluble salts from the soil water (e.g. nitrates). Therefure the development of soil structure and humus is fundamental to organic and hiodvnamic systems.
(d) Organic and hiodvnamic systems rely upon crop rotation, use of residual crops, animal manures, legumes. green manures, mechanical cultivation, cultural control, minimal application ojappro veci mu ineral—hearing rocks and aspects of biological pest management to maintain soil productivity and tilt),, to supply plant nutrients and to control diseases, insects, weeds and other pests.
(e) The provision of organically grown feed cmcl livestock husbandry practices that reflect the h e’havioural needs. ethical treatment and welfare management of livestock are also of/lindamental importance where animals are kept on the firm.
2.1.2 Requirements The requirements of this Standard shall be applied to the land fbr not less than three years before products can be labelled as ‘organic’ or ‘biodynamic’. The requirements of this Standard shall be applied to the land for not less than
12 months before products can be labelled as ‘in-conversion’. Only inputs listed in Appendix B shall be permitted. The use of prohibited substances or treatments shall make the product ineligible for labelling under this Standard. Where a government authority implements a statutory action plan and prohibited substances and/or treatments not consistent with this Standard are applied, not less than 12 months shall elapse before affected products of that farm, or products of affected areas, shall be labelled as ‘organic’ and ‘biodynamic’. Relevant testing of products may be required before any ‘organic’ or ‘biodynamic’ status is regained. Products derived from gene technology or nano technology shall not be used in organic management practices. Pesticides produced from synthetic chemicals shall not be used. The operator shall, as part of the organic management plan, address the potential risks from prior operations and consequences of external contamination with substances not permitted by this Standard. This may require the implementation of butTer zones/barriers and withdrawal of contaminated product/land from organic management practice. In case of reasonable suspicion of land and/or product contamination, the operator shall take action to establish where the contamination has occurred and if so, respond appropriately and record the action taken.AS 6000 pdf download.

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