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AS 4852.2:2019 pdf free.Variable message signs Part 2: Portable signs.
2.1 General arrangement for trailer mounted signs
Signs shall be supplied as a self-contained item of plant, mounted on a trailer, and complete with a power supply system (e.g. batteries, photovoltaic panel), control equipment, and associated cables ready for immediate use in the field.
When raised in the normal operating position, the sign face shall be capable of rotation through 360 on the vertical axis with reference to the trailer orientation. Facilities shall be provided for the sign to be raised and locked in the operating position.
For type A signs only, where the sign is of fixed alignment with respect to the trailer, 360 rotation may be achieved through the positioning of the trailer.
With the sign raised in the normal operating position, the distance from the lower edge of the display panel to the ground immediately below shall be not less than 2 m.
When being transported, the sign shall be either turned to within 10 of the direction of travel or tilted face down in an approximately horizontal position. In either case, provision shall be made for the sign to be secured.
A sighting device shall be incorporated to aid alignment of the sign.
2.2 Design life
The designed operating life of the sign and its support structure shall be as follows:
(a) For the electrical system — not less than 15 years.
(b) For the sign enclosure — not less than 20 years.
(c) For the trailer and mounting support — not less than 20 years.
2.3 Markings and labels
All markings shall be clear, permanent and weatherproof.
The following information shall be marked on the rear of the sign display housing:
(a) Product/model name or brief description identifying the unit.
(b) Manufacturer’s name.
(c) Manufacturer’s type number.
(d) A unique serial number.
The size and position of the markings on the display panel should not be visually distracting to traffic.
A separate prominent warning notice shall be displayed to indicate the following:
(1) The maximum wind load rating of the sign, including a map showing the relevant geographical regions in which the sign is designed for use.
(ii) Any special precautions that should be observed to comply with applicable Occupational Health and Safety regulations.AS 4852.2 pdf download.

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