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AS 4670:2018 pdf free.Commercial propane and commercial butane for heating purposes.
This Standard specifies requirements for liquefied petroleum gas (LP Gas) products in the liquid phase as supplied for general domestic and industrial fuel purposes, in bulk and into cylinders. The requirements apply to the liquid phase at the point of custody transfer.
This Standard does not include requirements for storage or handling of LP Gas. These are covered in
AS/NZS 1596.
NOTE The composition of the vapour phase is considered to be a direct consequence of the composition of the liquid phase.
1.2 ApplIcation
Product complying with this Standard is safe for heating purposes but is not necessarily fit for purposes in other applications.
This Standard is not intended to apply to LP Gas for supply as a process feedstock. but may provide a basis for such a specification.
1.3 Referenced documents
The following documents are referred to in this Standard:
AS 4564, Specification for general purpose natural gas
AS/NZS 1596, The storage and handling of LP Gas
AS/NZS 5263.1.3, Gas appliances, Part 1.3: Gas space heating appliances
AS/NZS 5601, Gas installations
ISO 3993, Liquefied petroleum gas and light hydrocarbons — Determination of density or relative density — Pressure hydrometer method
ISO 4256, Liquefied petroleum gases — Determination of gauge vapour pressure — LPG method ISO 4257, Liquefied petroleum gases — Method of sampling
ISO 4259-2, Petroleum and related products — Precision of measurement methods and results — Part 2:
Interpretation and application of precision data in relation to methods of test
ISO 6251, Liquefied petroleum gases — Corrosiveness to copper — Copper strip test
ISO 6976, Natural gas — Calculation of calorific values, density, relative density and Wobbe indices from composition
ISO 7941, Commercial propane and butane — Analysis by gas chromatography
ISO 8973, Liquefied petroleum gases — Calculation method for density and vapour pressure
ISO 13757, Liquefied petroleum gases — Determination of oily residues — High-temperature method
ISO 13758, Liquefied petroleum gases — Assessment of the dryness of propane — Valve freeze method
ASTM D3246, Standard Test Met hod for Sulfur in Petroleum Gas by Oxidative Microcoulometry.AS 4670 pdf download.

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