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AS 2593:2021 pdf free.Boilers一Safety management and supervision systems.
2.1 General requirements
2.1.1 Basic design
Each boiler or economizer or superheater or deaerator shall conform to the relevant pressure equipment Standard, e.g. AS/NZS 1200. AS 1228, AS 1210, and in addition shall be designed to —
(a) incorporate a highly reliable management and control system with fail-safe features;
(b) incorporate such construction features as are necessary to minimize the effect of any failure in the safety systems from creating a hazardous condition (see Note); and
(c) conform to the relevant requirements specified in Clauses 2.2 to 2.8 for unattended operation and Clauses 2.2 to 2.5 for attended operation.
NOTE In order to minimize the operating water Content and potential overheating effects in the event a loss of water, unattended steam boilers are limited in Table 1 to the construction types and capacities noted.
2.1.2 Tube diameter
The maximum outside diameter of any water tube exposed to combustion flame or furnace radiation shall be 80 mm.
NOTE This restriction on the maximum tube diameter is to limit the harmful discharge energy from the furnace in the event of a tube rupture.
2.1.3 Water level indicators
Water level indicators and protective guards shall conform to AS 1271 and, if o[the tubular glass type, shall be fitted with safety balls, to prevent the escape of both steam and water from a ruptured glass.
2.2 Steam boilers (other than electric boilers)
2.2.1 General
Each steam boiler, except electric boilers (see Clause 2.5), shall conform to Clause 2.2.2 or Clause 2.2.3, as applicable.
2.2.2 Water-tube steam boilers
Water-tube steam boilers of the natural circulation type or the forced circulation type shall conform to Clause 2.1 and AS/NZS 1200.
The heat transfer surface shall be wholly composed of water tubes. Pressure vessels sections, such as drums or headers, other than for headers associated with attended solid fuel boilers, shall be protected from direct flame radiation.
2.2.3 Steam boilers other than water-tube or electric boilers
Steam boilers other than a water-tube or electric type shall conform to Clause 2.1 and AS/NZS 1200.
The shell, tube plate and tube ends of a fire-tube boiler shall be protected from direct flame radiation, e.g. ensuring that combustion is complete within the combustion chamber.AS 2593 pdf pdf download.

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