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AS 19880.3:2020 pdf download.Gaseous hydrogen – Fuelling stations Part 3: Valves (ISO 19880-3:2018, MOD).
5.2.2 Pressure
Unless otherwise stated, all pressures noted within this document are gauge pressure. For general applications, the component pressure rating of the valve to be tested shall be used as is. Since the component pressure rating is to be greater or equal to the system MAWP, the following is permitted:
a) For dispenser applications, the component pressure rating of the valve may be replaced with the MAWP of the dispenser system in which the valve is to be used.
b) For applications in other pressure systems, the component pressure rating of the valve may be the MAWP of such a pressure system.
5.2.3 Normal test temperature
Unless otherwise stated, any test at room temperature shall be conducted at 20 °C (± 5) °C.
5.2.4 Specified test temperature
The tests in these requirements shall be conducted at —40 °C (+0 °C, —3 °C) and at 85 °C (+3 °C, —0 °C) where the valve is used in a dispenser. If the manufacturer specifies the temperature range for use, the test temperatures are the minimum and the maximum of the range.
5.2.5 Test media
Test media as specified in these requirements shall be:
a) hydrogen for leak tests;
b) hydrogen for permeation;
c) hydrogen for gas pressure cycle test;
d) liquids (e.g., water or oil) for hydrostatic strength tests;
e) hydrogen, helium, nitrogen or dry air for all other tests.
5.2.6 Test sequence
For any valve type, the tests described in 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6 and 5.7 shall be performed in this sequence using the same test sample.
5.3 Hydrogen gas pressure cycle test
5.3.1 General
For the details of test methods for particular valves, see the applicable part of this document.
The method specified in this clause is general in nature and applicable even to miscellaneous valves.
A valve shall withstand 102 000 hydrogen gas pressure cycles without damage or leakage. The replacement of valve seals shall be acceptable at intervals of 16 000 cycles. Prior to conducting this test the valve shall comply with 5.4 at room temperature only.
5.3.2 Test method
The outlet of the valve shall be plugged and the inlet shall be attached to hydrogen pressure supply. The valve shall be in the open position unless otherwise provided in the clause applicable to a specific valve to be tested. Cycling shall be between less than S % of the component pressure rating and the component pressure rating (+3 %, —0 %) within a period of not less than 6 s (10 cycles per minute). 100 000 cycles shall be completed at room temperature, with additional 1 000 cycles at an ambient temperature of -40。C (+0。C, -3 °C] and 1 000 cycles at an ambient temperature of85 °C(+3。C, -0 °C).If the manufacturer specifies the temperature range for operation, apply the minimum temperature instead of -40 °C and the maximum temperature instead of 85 °C.AS 19880.3 pdf download.

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