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AS 1742.3:2019 pdf download.Manual of uniform traffic control devices Part 3: Traffic control for works on roads.
3.4 Creating a temporary speed zone
3.4.1 General
All stakeholders, including road authorities, road infrastructure managers, road working organizations, road workers and road users have a responsibility to ensure traffic travels at safe speeds through work sites.
Temporary speed zones may be required for workplace safety or for the safety of road users. Temporary speed zones shall be appropriate for the work site. These shall be created by using regulatory speed limit signs and may require additional traffic control devices so that the speed limit is complied with. Further guidance regarding managing speeds at work sites is given in the Austroads Guide to Temporary Traffic Management.
3.4.2 Requirements and recommendations
Requirements and recommendations for the use of temporary speed zones at works on roads are as follows:
(a) Workplace safety — Appropriate action to reduce the speed of traffic (see Clause 1.3.16) at a work site to either 80 km/h, 60 km/h, 40 km/h or less to meet certain specified safe workplace requirements, which includes the protection of traffic controllers, is a requirement of this Standard.
Temporary speed zone signs used for workplace safety shall be displayed only when workers, plant or traffic controllers are on site. At long-term works the signs shall be removed or covered at other times unless they are deemed necessary for traffic safety purposes.
(bJ Trafficsalety— In the application of temporary speed zones for traffic safety purposes at road work sites, this Standard provides guidance only. However, where a decision has been made to create a temporary speed zone, requirements may be specified for its implementation. Workplace safety requirements [see Item (a)] shall take precedence over traffic safety guidelines wherever the former requires a lower speed limit to be imposed.
A guide to the selection of temporary speed zones is given in the Austroads Guide to Temporary Traffic Management.
3.4.3 Duration
The temporary speed zone shall apply only while the relevant conditions exist. It shall be removed after the need for its imposition passes. This requirement applies to either of the purposes in Clause 3.4.2 for which the speed zone is used.
A record shall be kept of the dates and times temporary speed zones are in operation including any changes made, with the names of personnel erecting, changing or removing signs.
3.4.4 Advance warning of temporary speed zones (buffer zones)
Advance warning is required if the speed of traffic (see Clause 1.3.16) on the approach to the temporary speed zone is more than 30 km/h higher than the temporary limit. If road conditions restrict the speed of traffic to a value below the speed limit on the approach, the lower speed shall be used to determine the need for advance warning.AS 1742.3 pdf download.

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